Pirosmani - "DEEP EYES" S/S 2016

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Now long ago, during MBFW Russia, Pirosmani presented newest collection for S/S 2016. The goal of a designer isn't to showcase only clothes, but to activate the viewer's creative perception. To experience an emotional and an artistic shock together. There's no goal in neither charming nor selling, the aim is to aspire and include into an artistic flow. The human body, sculptures and clothes accompanied by experimental sounds fill the podium and interact with the eyes and consciousness of each viewer.

Photo credit: Pirosmani

YUHL JUNG - "Waterfall" S/S 2016

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Born in Korea, raised in different parts of South America, creative director Moon Kim had studied Psychology until he enrolled at Parsons The New School for Design in search of something closer to his heart. Three years later he moved to Paris to finish his studies at Studio Bercot. During his years of experience, Moon Kim worked in different fashion houses, while at the same time building up an idea and creating message he wanted to share through his own label. YUHL JUNG is his way of communicating and sharing these messages in a more accessible form, fashion, which upholds the path to a greater awakening, both for him and for those who wear it. The label name YUHL JUNG actually means  ‘a clear flow like water.’
Waterfall by YUHL JUNG is perfection of stillness and beauty of the minimalism. The folds and layers of materials create optical Illusions, making us focus more... to think what is beneath the surface. Color palette is monochrome with shades of blue, styled to represent reflection of the light on the water.

"The Waterfall seems to endlessly flow
day and night, without an end nor beginning.
But how could there be an eternally flowing Waterfall
if not for the sacrifice of ephemerally falling water drops?
So does our Universe flow,
without an end nor beginning.
And our ephemeral stay of Earth
makes this Universe flow."

Reference: YUHL JUNG, StealthProjekt

Atsushi Nakashima - S/S 2016

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"The 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made. No 9000 computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error." 
That's right! Well-known quote from legendary Kubrick film. Those who watched know what I am talking about.
Stanley Kubrick film "2001: A Space Odyssey" was the main inspiration for ATSUSHI NAKASHIMA's S/S 2016 collection presented during MBFW Tokyo. The runway setting was minimal with elements that resemble spacecraft, while the collection for S/S 2016 was fulfilling the whole story.  Minimal, clean, and futuristic designs in black, white, and khaki, with touches of vibrant red were shaped into light and modern space suit. So pick yours and "your space helmet".

Photo credit: Fashion Press

3.Paradis - "Post Dystopia" S/S 2016

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Established in 2013, 3.PARADIS is an innovative and trendsetting luxury ready-to-wear brand founded by designers Emeric “Rico” Tchatchoua and Raymond “Samuray” Cheung.
After a trip around Europe in 2013, the two designers decided to introduce their approach and passion for fashion and art to the world through the luxury ready to wear label 3.PARADIS by deconstructing traditional ideas and reinventing conventions in menswear with no boundaries, no rules, no conventions.
Growing up and living in different parts of the world, such as Paris, London, Hong Kong and Montreal, has certainly contributed to 3.PARADIS design approach largely inspired by European and Hong Kong’s lifestyle and street culture. Through fashion, they express their creativity, their thoughts and vision of the world of today, their trill and fear. They call themselves “Street Visionary”.
Their avant-garde design and minimalism with a subtle touch of madness will mark a turning point in the evolution of menswear.

Source: 3.Paradis

Maharishi - "Climate: Monsoon" lookbook

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Latest seasonal lookbook of UK label maharishi has been revealed. Photographed by Alastair Strong, lookbook shows the hi-tech fabric key of the Autmn/Winter 2015 collection. Inspired by London climate this waterproof collection has been made from Mat_Air™ Nylon that provides impermeable breathability with long lasting water repellency. This super lightweight fabric is also enhanced with a four way stretch for maximum comfort and movement. 
More info available on the official website.

Reference: maharishi, HypeBeast