Jenn Lee - A/W 2014

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"One solitary and lonely soul floating in one's own distilled universe. Aren't we all restrained one time or another by our own emotions, and numerous environmental element that surround our daily lives, aren't we always forced to sit still in this one tiny universe that we called society... Don't you just want to break away? "

References: NJaL

Belstaff - A/W 2014-15

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Paying tribute to the British motorcycle riders of the 1956 International Six Day Trial Race, Belstaff  presents collection  based on protection, functionality and endurance. Whole collection is made to last and protect the wearer with mix of garments (oversized capes, parkas, sweaters,military pants, moto boots, gauntlet gloves and rider hats), textures and materials (leather, suede, shearling, fur or waxed cotton).
Get ready for a ride...

References: HommeModel


Misomber Nuan - "From The Place Where You Think You Know" A/W 2014-15

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To be honest I couldn't wait to see new collection of this great designer. And here it is! This time Misomber Nuan showed us modern and at same time traditional designs. It all depends of personal style and moods of individual and way it's wrapped.  It's all dedicated to different personality types.
Collection for A/W 2014-15 was inspired conceptually by the American artist Jackson Pollock: not so much by his famous drip paintings but more by his rough and untamed ideas and philosophy as well as the rhythms and abstraction present in his work.

"The strangeness will wear off with time
and i think we will discover the deeper
meanings in ones reaction."

Full collection: Misomber Nuan FB
References: Misomber Nuan, Misomber Nuan Tumblr and Stealthprojekt


Tom Rebl - A/W 2014-15

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German designer Tom Rebl once more showed his great and unique creations on Milan Fashion Week.  Followed with strong attitude and statements whole collection is into some post-apocalypse Nomadic style. It is clear that designer improved with garments and shapes and cuts by creating fine silhouettes with strong identity. Collection is plain, layered and asymmetric at same time with mix of garments and eye-catching accessories (by Stefano de Lellis). The colors used for this collection are mostly black and white with combination of earth palette: military green, bronze and rocky grey.

References: Tom Rebl