Garland Coo - "The Forrrestian Call" collection

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The label Garland Coo is a creative collaboration of designer Jasmin Isabel Eckerle and artist Marcel Singer, founded 2009 in the deep south of Germany. Garland Coo describes the elementary confrontation and dichotomy between civilisation, nature and mind, the collection can be described as an analogy of the cultural and natural heritage of the designers. Their roots are deeply anchored in south German culture, in the Black Forest, in their native landscape as a deep source of inspiration.
The collection bordering on couture embellished with sharp tailoring, slim cut silhouettes and refined detailing using the finest materials. It is the contrast between tradition and avantgarde, between Black Forestian pompoms and floating hand dyed silks, between bondage schemes and clear defined folds, handprints and handfinished fabrics.

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Jovana Margetic student collection

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Jovana Margetic presented her collection as part of RMIT's student showcase at Melbourne fashion week (MSFW) for upcoming seasson S/S 2013. Here are photos from photoshoot for her Graduate Collection.

References: Jovana Margetic

Titania Inglis - S/S 2013

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Titania Inglis - half Chinese, half Scottish by blood, she embraces the seeming dichotomies of a line looking to the future, yet grounded in tradition, operating at the border of nature and industry. Titania studied at Design Academy Eindhoven and the Fashion Institute of Technology, and apprenticed under cult New York designers Camilla Stærk, Jean Yu, and Threeasfour before launching her solo line. She was honored for her work with the 2012 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award in Sustainable Design. Her collections embodies her philosophy of lush minimalism in both its aesthetic and its core principles. Less, but better: striking yet wearable pieces that go easily from day to night, summer to winter, and occasionally metamorphose with a trick of geometry.

References: Titania Inglis

Ziggy Chen - S/S 2013

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Ziggy Chen is Chinese designer and one of the names behind wellknown Shangai-based Mens and Womens label "Decoster". With his collection for S/S 2013 Ziggy is finally introducing it to whole world. Chen takes his inpiration from Shanghai and photos of the people taken between 1900 to 1920 (monks, solders, workmen, herders). In the whole collection lies concept of traveling, wandering though remote land and the inspiring power of vast empty places. A love of simplicity and fine craftsmanship.  Style with ancient roots that have been covered by a century of turmoil and decades of frenzied development.

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Barbara í Gongini - S/S 2013 RTW

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Barbara í Gongini once more showed us her gothic avant-garde pieces. The whole collection is developed in a single form that is explored and re-interpreted in many different ways. Futuristic, asymmetric cuts are obtained through special folding and cutting techniques. The whole collection creates a rather intimidating, yet mysterious and intriguing atmosphere reinforcing the fascination for the singular pieces.

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Y. Project by Yohan Serfaty - F/W 2012/13

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The French designer, Yohan Serfaty, started its own line in 2008, where he develops his esthetics, mixing all materials and especially, leather, which became the heart of his collections. In 2010, he launched a new experiment, Y.Project. Y.Project starts from the fact that the fashion industry, and especially men’s fashion, is in full creative renewal. New shapes, new materials enable the conception and the creation of innovative clothes, in line with the metamorphosis of the sensitivity and behavior of men around the world.  Each collection is timeless, with some details or their construction evolving over time, while staying faithful to the same general esthetics and creative principals.
Collection for A/W 2012-13 contains big, high collars and asymmetrical zippers in wool, shearling and lots of leather create an easily layered look with long knits hanging out from underneath and low crotch pants that break up the length of the skinny legs. The leather boots, distressed and nondescript, were left unzipped in the back, which could just as easily have been a styling choice or a timesaving move. Reflecting his desire to slow down the pace of consumption and discard in fashion, Serfaty’s slowed down show is just one way that he walks the walk.

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ZISKA - "You are the Cosmos" collection - A/W 2012-13

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"Mysticism and magic, earth, creatures, love and balance. There has to be evil so there can be good. Accept your inner demons, flirt with them instead of fighting them, trim their claws and braid their tail…”. This is how Harpa Einarsdottir, the Icelandic illustrator and fashion designer of the Label ‘ZISKA’ describes her work in general. She has passion for the Icelandic myths, symbolism and magic. She likes to combine her designs with her art, and one of her strengths in fashion is her ability to create amazing prints for the fabrics in her collections. Harpa also worked as a costume designer and stylist after she graduated at Iceland School of Art and Design, along with creative projects in film while she is now focusing on ZISKA.

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Song for the Mute - LIGNE S/S 2013 - Showroom

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Melvin Tanaya and  Lyna Ty is creative team of Sydney-based boutique menswear label, Song for the Mute. Launched in 2008, the brand quickly gained a loyal following for their unique and interesting approach to tailoring – inspired by the properties of fabrics, such as wool, linen and cotton, the brand’s collections have become known for sweeping silhouettes and exquisite finishing and detail. As of 2012, Song for the Mute was planning its debut at Australian Fashion Week and pondering the move into more unisex fashions. As well as, being available throughout Australia in selected boutiques, including Harrolds, Australia’s only luxury men’s store, Song for the Mute has stockists in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Romania.

DEMOBAZA - "Equilibrium" S/S 2013 (part II )

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DEMOBAZA - "Equilibrium" S/S 2013 (part I )

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Long awaited collection for upcoming S/S 2013 season is finally revealed. DEMOBAZA once again left us speechless. Keeping their old style with some new cuts, more layers, natural materials and earth color palette. If you ever wondered how futuristic and postapocalyptic fashion should look like, I suggest you to take a look at photos because they are worth more than words.

References: DEMOBAZA 

OVATE - "La Grande Noirceur" collection F/W 2012-13

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OVATE, a line out of a small, dark studio in Montreal, designed by Audrey Cantwell. Her clothing carries an ethereal dark energy around it, and the elegance and power of a High Priestess. An Ovate is a shaman, prophet, seer, healer and diviner, an ancient bearer of wisdom, and Ovate clothing evokes such wisdom without speaking it.
Most of her designs are created by hand, knitting leather and wool and hand-printing on silk. The effect is both ancient and modern at once, and would be equally at home on icy Scandinavian plains and dirty city streets.

References: OVATECVLT nation

KOFTA - "Born" - S/S 2013

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Konstantin KOFTA - the local Kiev label, which is not influenced by world fashion trends. He studied at St. Martins college of art and design (London). At first glance Kofta combines image presentation and controversy, and at the same time, all goods are absolutely practical and wearable that makes them extraordinary objects not fitting canons and universally accepted principles of the fashion industry. Designer Konstantin Kofta focuses on the beauty and contemplation of which is not available to view through common frameworks and standards. Each local collection has been shown in the form of art installation, based on aesthetically presenting underground and avant-garde designer's decisions.
Collection for S/S 2013 comes under name "Born" and it's ispired by the existence of natural phenomena and natural transitions. It is this transition of materials and anatomy.
"Imagine water as the solemn foundation of our existence in our world ever so in turmoil. Touched by perennial elements, our water dries up and consequently deforms and destroys the ground, leaving behind patches of eradicated and polyhedral soil. Yet, with the death of one surface, others are born, allowing water to give meaning and energy to our continuous lifecycle."
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