Gareth Pugh - S/S 2015

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Unusual and Gareth Pugh always go along, in the same line. Long awaited collection has been revealed, but of course in Pugh style. It was a big surprise when the line-up for fashion was released. From expected presentation on Paris Fashion Week, Mr. Pugh done the unexpected and moved his entire performance to New York (so Paris stayed only with showroom presentation). The same was with a catwalk. By choosing the alternative ways, he made a show by presenting an “immersive live performance”. It was different... amazing... pure art!
Collection for Spring/Summer 2015 was inspired with Paganism and its mysticism and rituals. From light and sheer materials, long dresses with Swarovski crystal pentagram bodices, corn and cone hats, scarecrow outfit and up to the Obby Oss (huge round circle outfit (1)). Also for this collection Pugh done collaboration with Lexus in making 3 short movies: Megalith, Chaos and Ascension. “We didn’t want this to look at all sci-fi, even though it’s using very modern technology, huge LED screens, I wanted everything to have a sense of hand about it, because British folklore’s very handmade.” explained Pugh.

References: Style and SHOWstudio

Irina Chervenkova - A/W 2014-15

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Armored and mysterious - signature of Bulgarian designer Irina Chervenkova. Strong presentation of character, futuristic style, asymmetry, layers where each garment is made from a combination of natural materials such as: raw leather, silk, cotton. All this combined together is what's making Fall 2014 collection unique and complete piece of art. See for yourself.

References: I. Chervenkova

OVATE - "Oxyde" A/W 2014

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Ovate designer Audrey Cantwell captures the synthesis between nature's elegant simplicity and the spare beauty of industrial minimalism. Her collections are gradation of blacks and muted - neutral shades, made of finest natural materials. She focuses on deconstruction, distressing, garment-washing, and hand-dyeing, creating unique, mysterious and timeless pieces.

" Genuine beauty lies in imperfection."

References: OVATE

KTZ - S/S 2015

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I'm aware it's been a while since Kokon To Zai presented men collection for S/S 2015 on LFW. Well since I knew that second part of the collection, dedicated to females will be, nothing more than continuing of the men's collection, I simply waited NYFW and its presentation.
Inspired by ancient Greece, KTZ combines elements of traditional cuts with, voluminous mesh jackets, oversize accessories, Greek sandals with platform and all that in black and white color with neoclassical motifs. Most important is that KTZ has remained true to his style which is urban, sporty and futuristic.
"I wanted to bring the ancient into modernity."

Full collection:

Alicia Hannah Naomi - S/S 2015

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Melbourne based designer, Alicia Hannah Naomi incorporates precious materials into organic pieces that exemplify both simplicity and austerity in a way that encapsulates the true essence of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. She creates contemporary jewellery that harnesses the savageness of beauty.
In response to corporeal relationships and visceral sensuality, the 2015 collection features raw textures with a primal tactility. The desire for human contact is communicated through sculpted surface treatments and undulation that culminates in sharp detail. Interlocking elements delineate our common need for intimacy, while the shadowy blackening of the precious metals amplify the brutality associated with lust. Manufactured in Melbourne from sterling silver, precious gems and volcanic rock; the works allegorise the carnal connection of lovers.

References: Alicia Hannah Naomi

Nicholas K - S/S 2015

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I always get excited when team Kunz are about to release new collection. On New York Fashion Week, Nicholas K presented new storyline for Spring/Summer 2015. In their constant search for new inspiration, new stories, new adventures... this time brother and sister team took a road trip through Morocco to look up female explorers who had traveled the region. They found Isabelle Eberhardt, the Swiss explorer who dressed as a man so that she could move freely through turn-of-the-century North Africa. "It was unlike anything we could imagine," said Nicholas of the obstacles Eberhardt faced.
Collection is very layered and contains from knee-length wide shorts via hooded and asymmetric tops, cardigans, shawls...and all the way to leather jackets. To make it more feminine designers used lace-up heels made in partnership with Korean designer Kiyoon Baek. And for the finishing touch and presentation of strong and nomadic traveler's spirit Nicholas K used horsehair accessories created by Victoria Simes.

References and full collection: Style