Gareth Pugh - S/S 2015

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Unusual and Gareth Pugh always go along, in the same line. Long awaited collection has been revealed, but of course in Pugh style. It was a big surprise when the line-up for fashion was released. From expected presentation on Paris Fashion Week, Mr. Pugh done the unexpected and moved his entire performance to New York (so Paris stayed only with showroom presentation). The same was with a catwalk. By choosing the alternative ways, he made a show by presenting an “immersive live performance”. It was different... amazing... pure art!
Collection for Spring/Summer 2015 was inspired with Paganism and its mysticism and rituals. From light and sheer materials, long dresses with Swarovski crystal pentagram bodices, corn and cone hats, scarecrow outfit and up to the Obby Oss (huge round circle outfit (1)). Also for this collection Pugh done collaboration with Lexus in making 3 short movies: Megalith, Chaos and Ascension. “We didn’t want this to look at all sci-fi, even though it’s using very modern technology, huge LED screens, I wanted everything to have a sense of hand about it, because British folklore’s very handmade.” explained Pugh.

References: Style and SHOWstudio


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