Rick Owens - A/W 2014-15 - Womenswear

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After male collection for A/W 2014-15 Rick Owens presented female line that has strong connection with male one. It's like closing the circle of his own world. For this show Rick choose his close relatives to walk on catwalk wearing his creations. How Mr. Owens explained - those were the women who have played a part in his live over the years... as friends, as employees, as models. Owens underlined a sense of continuity by having them walk more than once in the show wearing the same outfit. Confusing for the audience, until they grasped that this was a real circle of real lives.
Whole collection has strong connection with nature, family and unity all together gathered from all previous Rick Owens's work.

"Try and enjoy the serene benevolence of presenting a story of love."

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Wali Mohammed Barrech - A/W 2014-15

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Wali Barrech is a Pakistani Croatian designer, born and raised in Karachi Pakistan. A 2012 graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Wali now lives and designs in Copenhagen, Denmark. Wali finds inspiration in the social environment around him and uses his chosen medium -fashion- to discuss his insights into society. This year on Copenhagen Fashion Week he showed his first collection.

References: Wali Mohammed Barrech and Copenhagen Fashion Week


Cedric Jacquemyn - "To The Depts Of The Last Reserve" A/W 2014-15

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 On Paris fashion Week Cedric Jacquemyn presented his collection for Fall/Winter 2014-15.  This season, designer finds inspiration in loose threads, unfinished stories that demand a second take.
Playing with illusion and unexpected effects, he pursues his research on textures and contrasts, combining the rough with the soft, the pared-down with the intricate. Focusing on natural fibers -such as yak, alpaca, leather and linen- the Belgian designer goes back to the primitive notion of clothing as shelter, wrapping men into his soft and protective garments.
Reconnecting with our roots and the essence of clothing, he offers a spiritual and transient vision. Using tree bark on several pieces -an ancient weaving technique hailing from Uganda- Jacquemyn gets even closer to the organic nature of his work, pushing flux instead of stasis.
Introducing denim for the first time, Jacquemyn uses coating to give it a lived-in feel, simplifying details to the bare minimum. His jackets and coats are sleek and minimal, with hidden buttons and high necks, echoing monastic gestures...

References: Cedric Jacquemyn

Skingraft - A/W 2014-15

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Skingraft presented his futuristic and original designs for upcoming season of A/W 2014-15 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.
Jonny Cota, designer of Skingraft explains that “The idea of drastic climate change and an inevitable return to a dystopian survivalist future”  was inspiration for the collecion.  Alsdo designer used various materials like: hand-quilted leather, mohair and ribbed nylon-fused fleece, with the range's color palette remaining decidedly dark. Skingraft's signature streetwear aesthetic was evident in pieces like leather jogging pants, shaved ponyhair varsity jackets and fur hoodies, whilst the finale looks added some bling to the equation thanks to intricate embroideries and metal jewels.

References: Skingraft FB and ASVOF


Devoa - A/W 2014-15

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Once more Mr. Nishida created great collection.  Different styles and materials used for military uniforms and fields via natural based ones, desiger tried to unite urban wearer with nature.
For this new collection Devoa were inspired by the study of the insect world and their process of metamorphosis and constant need for adaption and change to evolve and adapt to their environment.
In a similar way the designer places great emphasis on the need for continuous development in technique and new material research rather than abrupt changes in style to suit shallow trends.

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