DZHUS - "Archaea" S/S 2018

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Irina Dzhus is back with new collection entitled “ARCHAEA”.  The Spring/Summer 2018 collection tells us the story of the designer’s secret passion: palaeontology.

The SS18 collection is conceptual cut of the multifunctional transformer garments that pays honour to fossils of ammonites and trilobites, evolution of charnia and arthropleura, long-gone Carbon and Ordovician.
These zoomorphic silhouettes and geologic textures of the “Archaea” collection are combined with the scientific avant-garde of late 19th – early 20th centuries, appealing to the Victorian aesthetics as well as laboratory uniforms.

DZHUS’ newest collection features a variety of edgy yet exquisite textiles and finishes, accentuating the technological background of their design.


Pierre Cardin - Sculptures Utilitaires 1970-1975 | Sotheby’s

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One of my favorite visit during  stay in Paris was the exhibition of creator, Pierre Cardin. Best known for pioneering fashion ranges and space age, Pierre Cardin’s work continues to be celebrated around the world, even day today. But that is not all. In the 1970s, famous couturier started designing experimental works, giving a contemporary impetus to furniture in distinct series. The result is a collection of fascinating sculptures, unique and elegant, and still out of this world.

This year, a famous broker house 'Sotheby’s' decided to create a bit different exhibition. Purely cultural and as a tribute to the most important designers in France, the exhibition was devoted to Pierre Cardin and his Sculptures Utilitaires from the 1970s. 

“It’s silly to place a piece of furniture against a wall. If my furniture is «recto verso», it’s because it can be viewed from all angles. From behind to its front”.

VAVA - Mind Over Matter | Showroom

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During Paris Fashion week I had a chance to meet and have a chit-chat with designer of VAVA eyewear and hear the story of design and inspiration directly from designer himself.

Whole concept is based on post-industrial society, iconic cities like Detroit and Berlin, and belief of belonging to a post human age.

Cities Detroit and Berlin, both, symbolize the cultural and economic domination, as well the collapse, and rebirth of society. During the collapse the population drastically decreased and those who stayed found a way to re-invent way of communication with the world, and finding alike minds. One of the  ways was through the music, which plays important part in VAVA's design and inspiration.  Creation of Techno cities, creation of the future, where technology would emerge as the salvation.

Geometric shapes of VAVA eyewear are influenced by the  Bauhaus and minimalism. With a retro touch, and design of tomorrow,  they show us  a future from VAVAs perspective.

White label (simplicity, cleanliness, purity) and Black label (darkness, decay, underground). Cubes, circles and cylinders. Bits and bytes.

"Within these borders the future reality lies."