Misomber Nuan - Self 7 "Stillness of The Mind" - S/S 2014

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Not so long ago Misomber Nuan has presented collection Self 7 - S/S 2014-15 under name "Stillness of The Mind".  Whole composition is mix of architecture, nature and textures on perfect level. Surrounding is rough, cold and ruined followed by silence which comes after... Presented by simple silhouette for calming touch.

"Even when in the midst of disturbance, silence speaks no one, because it is an illusion."

References and full collection: Misomber Nuan

Tom Rebl - S/S 2014

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Tom´s collections are impeccably cut and created with love and care, clothes are not at the core of Tom's universe. More important are attitudes, moods and statements. That's why music, art, performance, images and words have an important role in the whole  package. Together with the clothes, those elements sum up, or rather clarify the kind of world TOM REBL wants to project. In an attempt to examine today's male psyche (and at the same time his own), he takes his inspiration from the rebellion of past and present and blends this with notions of traditions and roots.
For his S/S 2014 Mr. Rebl got inspiration from the Middle and Far East and mix of cultures, combined with modern touch. Whole collection is in the sign of contrasts; colors, fabrics, cultures, traditions and modern. Finishing touch for his collection was jewelry made by Stefano De Lellis. Porcelain, metal and rope are expertly handcrafted and assembled together to create magnificent jewels with ethnic flavor.

Is Not Dead - A/W 2013-14

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Young Parisian designers Laurence Charbit and Victor Carril have created Is Not Dead, a prêt à porter high end range for women and men.Taking inspiration from art, video and photography, Is Not Dead means style as well as a strong brand identity with a story. IND is a brand and a concept of fashion as a form of expression. The ideas expressed come from a rich variety of eclectic artistic influences.
For their A/W 2013 collection they found inspiration in Mayan prophecy, revealing passion for the concept of apocalypse combining with minimal and delicate sounds of Nicolas Jaar and Michel Galasso, and Wong Kar Wai's retro-futurism from "2046".

References and full collection: IND NJaL

Rick Owens - "Vicious" S/S 2014

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Minimalism combine with sporty look and all spiced with metal music... Yes, you guessed right - Rick Owens presentation of Spring/Summer 2014 collection in Paris. "Vicious" is name of his S/S14 collection. How RO army walks around you cannot not to notice that they have taste of street punk style combined with sporty touch. Black color with hints of navy blue and white throughout, shaved heads and long hair, leather, sheer, layers and all combined with sporty footwear (Adidas collaboration) to get whole collection futuristic and unusual touch. That's where Estonian band Winny Puhh fits. Owens said "Estonian is like a lunar language, it’s so alien, so wonderful - especially the way he screeches it. I was hoping it would be alien. I saw them on the internet, they were on the last Eurovision which I love, they’re from Estonia, and they’re just awesome aren’t they?"
I say to see for yourself and check do you like it. :) I even added video. Have fun!

Full collection: Style.com