Gareth Pugh - S/S 2014

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Paris fashion week. Gareth Pugh presentation of collection for Spring/Summer 2014 in colour! Outstanding! Begining the show with feathered headpieces, Pugh was already promising a good trip to future. From floor sweeping silk dresses in cyan and white via Matrix styled PVC jackets, coats with sharp shoulders, kimono alike jackets with PVC elements, extra tight high leather boots, and vacuum high collar dresses, Pugh decided to complete look with theatrical make-up. This collection is not what we got used from Mr. Pugh, it's not monochromatic, it is totally different, and it is a very good change. His world is still same - unique, dark and very Pugh-ish, but elements are evolving and changing.  This time they got neon sign "Welcome aboard".


Alexandre Plokhov - "Terra Damnata" S/S 2014

From Russian Orthodox monks via origin and all the way up to Cursed Ground and alchemy, Alexandre Plokhov for sure knows to make unusual journey. He keeps mixing and exploring and keep searching perfect piece and perfect collection, and I must say he is really getting good on it. Every collection is better than previous. "Terra Damnata" collection for Spring/Summer 2014 contains of cropped leather jackets, hooded cotton shirts, trench coat, shorts, waxed trousers and asymmetric front cargoes and also, platform boots in washed cowhide leather.


Dirty Flaws X Drawn&Quartered

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Melbourne based jewelry label Drawn&Quartered has teamed up with renowned New York style blogger, Nikki Moose of, known for her cutting-edge and avant-garde style to bring a capsule collection of customizable sterling textured silver pieces. Drawn&Quartered while well known for clean, bold, conceptual designs and the popular bespoke ID Nameplate collection has adopted a new, raw aesthetic. Here are photos of their collaboration for capsule collection. Enjoy.
All images by Char Alfonzo

References: NJaL


ZIGGY CHEN - "Introspective Explorations of Archetypal Form" - S/S 2014

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Chinese designer Ziggy Chen is back with amazing collection for upcoming Spring/Summer 2014. Designer made basic collection and works with traditional motives, light materials and focus on the research of the reasonableness of cutting and sewing techniques - 'back to roots'.
References: Ziggy Chen and LeParadox


Zam Barrett - "Dubito, ergo cogito" S/S 2014

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"Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum"
(I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am)
-René Descartes

Here is presentation and short video interview with designer himself, talking about theme, inspiration and whole concept of collection. Hope you will enjoy as much as I am when I was watching this.

Zam Barrett Spring 2014 from Zam Barrett on Vimeo.