Enfin Levé - "Constructivism" S/S 2015

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European menswear brand Enfin Levé is back with its fifth collection for S/S 2015 under name "Constructivism". For this collection Enfin Levé took inspiration from Russian movements - Constructivism and Suprematism. The end result is well tailored, unique, futuristic, minimalist and modern wear.

References: Enfin Levé

DEVOA - S/S 2015

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Japanese label DEVOA created amazing collection for S/S 2015. For their new collection and along with already known clean and strict tailoring, DEVOA is introducing their research work - Washi fabric. Washi is the Japanese word for the traditional papers made from the long inner fibres of three plants, wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper. The fabric is light and close to linen, and at the same time giving each garment a nice texture.

References: StealthProjekt

ODEUR - "Facade" A/W 2014

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For A/W 2014, ODEUR explores the proportions of wardrobes. The collection is comprised of a careful selection of armoire staples. Lush cashmere tanks, silky shirts, oversized tees and long blazers are paired with futuristic sleek bombers and detachable front zipped jackets. All styles are featured in muted colours, shades of grey, black, charcoal, lightly infused with dashes of white.

"At times, the exterior prevails over the interior. We dress by covering our anatomy, thusly shielding ourselves from society. Protected and pensive, we act as monarchs to all we survey. Individualism gives us a platform to express what we mean, feel and see. By choosing our daily uniforms, we define who we are, therefore embracing our façades."

References: Odeur

NUDE: Masahiko Maruyama - S/S 2015

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Another amazing collection coming from Japanese brand Nude by Masahiko Maruyama. Known already by its style, Nude always seeks to create sophisticated and modern unisex everyday wear. Collection for Spring/Summer 2015 contains various pieces made of finest natural materials and presented in monochrome palette.

References: Nude: MM

Alexandre Plokhov - "Wraith" S/S 2015

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The collection we've waited with great expectation is finally revealed. "Wraith" Spring/Summer 2015 collection by Alexandre Plokhov.

“Wraith” is thought to originate either from the Old Norse “vörthr,” meaning “watcher” or the Scottish “wrath,” a guardian angel or ghost seen as a warning, as the inspiration for this collection, wraith is a precursor of change.

The collection is mix of modern/urban streetwear combined with sporty style. Oversized and cropped, clean and sharp cuts, with the mix of materials, it's all adding on uniqueness of the collection. Overall style is relaxed and comfy, allowing wearer ease of movement.

References: ThisHeartsOnFire

Hatra [ ハトラ ] - S/S 2015

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Hatra (ハトラ)is Japanese unisex label founded in 2010.  Specialized in making futuristic, cozy and oversized clothing, Hatra has taken "room" as the main theme of their collections. Theme reflects desire to be isolated through amorphous shapes, and the high-necked hoods that the brand is most famous for. In essence, the clothes create boundaries around the head of the wearer, creating unique style of fashion, but also creates the desire not to venture outside and be seen of the hikikomori.