Alexandre Plokhov - "Antipode" A/W 2013-14

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Alexandre Plokhov is back to basics.  Looking back in year 1997 when he moved to New York, Plokhov reconsiders the basic notions he has been forming on in an unscrupulous sense, within a critical, progressive approach, gazing at the broadened horizons of the new light gained. He deviates the path back to his original beginning, enclosing past and present as polar antipodes. Also Plokhov collects the energy and re-focuses on the very basic steps of his work reverting the sides of his attraction.

References: Le Paradox

Vibe Johansson - A/W 2013-14

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Vibe Johansson brings an alternative angle to simple, sensual styles that question convention. Nothing superfluous is to be found. Cutting right to the bone the simplicity of her designs encompass both classic minimalism and modern draping with a hint of avant garde.
Textures and shapes become the focus of the otherwise simple silhouettes. Geometrical shapes in the pattern making combined with the best quality fabrics make for the understated elegance that Vibe Johansson adds to everyday wear.

References: Vibe Johansson


Ziggy Chen - A/W 2013-14

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The collection A/W 2013-14 is a continuation of the last one.  Chen’s work is the result of various inspirations, leaning toward a particular affinity for Shanghai–the Eastern apex of all things new, old, eastern and western. For this collection designer took a trip to the small town of Cicheng and was inspired by the bricks and stones of the historic architecture he found there. With the shades of black and grey Chen managed to create one timeless collection.
References: Stealthprojekt


Irina Chervenkova - S/S 2013

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Irina Chervenkova, born in a family of artists, with desire to become an artist herself since she was a little girl. She attends courses in fashion design so that she would be able to express her sense in fashion art. In 2007, in Paris, the brand “Ishu” was born. Later how time was passing lead by a sense of aesthetics and unique identity, future fashion dictator creates a new brand named “Irina Chervenkova.” The brand easily imports lightness in its models by using natural materials in the creation of modern materials, which successfully correspond to the design of clothes.

References: Not Just a Label

Nude: Masahiko Maruyama - A/W 2013-14

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Nude was established in Japan in 1996 by Masahiko Maruyama. The name represents simplicity and easiness. The main concept of the brand is producing garments that are favored for their high quality and functionality not for their reputation or name. The brand centers on unisex wear that transcends gender and age. Here is short presentation of collection for A/W 2013-14.

References: Nude: MM


Gareth Pugh - A/W 2013-14 RTW

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For upcoming season British designer is taking us to journey into his Gothic fairytale placed in haunting forest filled with ghosts. Pale faces and lips, grey eyes, messy wet alike windy hair and long gowns. Presentation of wandering soul. For this collection Pugh has done some changes. Style is presenting strong feminine figure mixed with romanticism. After the show Pugh said "We had found this information about a tribe of women called the Asgarda, they're amazing and inspiring. They want autonomy from men, and they live in the Carpathian Mountains."  While the designer created his version of strong women, he added small changes in colors.  The standard trio made of black, white and gray has newcomer... deep blue, something not seen before from the designer.  After all Gareth Pugh's fairytale is for sure worth of checking.

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