Gareth Pugh - A/W 2013-14 RTW

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For upcoming season British designer is taking us to journey into his Gothic fairytale placed in haunting forest filled with ghosts. Pale faces and lips, grey eyes, messy wet alike windy hair and long gowns. Presentation of wandering soul. For this collection Pugh has done some changes. Style is presenting strong feminine figure mixed with romanticism. After the show Pugh said "We had found this information about a tribe of women called the Asgarda, they're amazing and inspiring. They want autonomy from men, and they live in the Carpathian Mountains."  While the designer created his version of strong women, he added small changes in colors.  The standard trio made of black, white and gray has newcomer... deep blue, something not seen before from the designer.  After all Gareth Pugh's fairytale is for sure worth of checking.

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