Obscur - "DISCIPLINE" - S/S 2013

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Obscur- once again with great collection. The materials they mainly used for this collection are experimental paper-cottons, linen and cotton mixes, thin and airy horse leather skins and pure silver.

"Manipulated forms of altered human bodies foreshadows the lines of discipline. Skilled medical devices used to correct these deformations act as a balance between sterile material and the natural progression of time.
Wrapped bandages in organic shapes co-exist with metallic elements in order to dress the body while keeping it within an articulated form. Over-treated materials embody the wear of garment's over time while sleek textiles restrain the body whilst representing the pillar of modern day society."

References: StyleZeitgeist , Obscur

Kristi Kakhidze

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KRISTI is young designer based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She studied at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and graduated in 2011. She worked as shoe designer for Renate and designer for Z&M. Also, Kristi was winner of Tbilisi Fashion Week 2012-2013 and "Be Next" fashion design contest 2012. Her collections are produced in Georgia.

References: NJaL

InAisce - "Columna Cerului" collection - S/S 2013

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Once more I stayed speechless when I seen InAisce upcoming collection for S/S 2013. With minimal palette that contains gray and black and edgy cuts and fits, it is obvious that Jona is in connection with spirit of east. Therefore his collection "Columna Cerului" is focused on research of inner soul.

References: InAisce

Jaime Russon - "A Levitated Fashion" collection

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Jaime Russon is a new breed of fashion designer, known as a hybrid or a new materiologist her fashion design is acknowledged for its explorative three-dimensionality and innovative interactive silhouettes. Jaime debuted at her BA graduate collection titled 'Packing for a traveller' from Birmingham City University at London Graduate Fashion Week in 2009 gaining notoriety from leading press and blogger’s named favourite designer by the GFW press team. She has interned as a design assistant at Merc and has assisted in the studios of leading London designers Giles Deacon, Henry Holland and Gareth Pugh in preparation of their London and Paris Fashion Week catwalk shows and Fashion Film presentations.
"A Levitated Fashion" is name of Russon's latest collection. She said that her "aim was to explore leviation and magnets within our garments which in time could provide more comfort for the wearer through anti-gravity clothes. In time this could reduce friction and turn natures stickiness into repulsion, creating the ultimate remedy and questioning the multiple possibilities of how to give our clothes full spacial autonomy and a new form of beauty in the 21st Century."

References: Jaime Russon


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The Australian brand STRATEAS.CARLUCCI is collaboration between Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci. Strateas and Carlucci studied Industrial and Communication Design, manage to combine their skills and create unique style. Each piece in the collection is created by using a mixture of traditional bespoke tailoring methods, combined with modern garment construction.  Garments are adorned by hand crafted and hand cast silver jewellery, which can be united and worn. STRATEAS.CARLUCCI  has a vision to bridge the gap between collector and creator.


AREA di Barbara Bologna - "Genesis" collection - S/S 2013 (menswear - part 2)

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AREA di Barbara Bologna - "Genesis" collection - S/S 2013 (wmn - part 1)

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"I saw this vision, clearly... I saw a man and a woman in my mind... I look... and suddenly walking towards me... as if they were going toward something that I can not even see... I see them in the dust. See their dust... a black mark on his forehead.. blue lanses in their eyes... Untouchable as a knife blade. I hear a noise... I see their lips move... I understand only a constant hiss... and nothing 'else."
Genesis, the vision of something that is coming, we do not know anything, we are attracted unconsciously, we fear, because we are not able to decipher, failing to establish a common communication that allows us to understand.
Genesis, a new beginning.


ACRONYM® - A/W 2012-13

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ACRONYM® was founded in 1994 by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh as an independent design agency with a focus on the unification of style and technology in apparel. Acronym has been instrumental in the emergence of a new generation of technical apparel products and users. Projects such as the Analog MD Clone jacket (one of TIME magazine's 'Coolest Inventions of 2002') and collaborations with companies including KHS Tactical Equipment Germany (equipment manufacturers for the German Special Forces), and W.L. Gore and Associates (the inventors of Gore-Tex) demonstrate Acronym's capability in both advanced styling and functionality. Early 2002 saw the launch of the limited edition 'Acronym Kit-1' and with it, the launch of the Acronym house label. Acronym currently operates from Munich, Berlin, New York, Tokyo and Sumperk/ Czech Republic.

References: ACRONYM®

Ann Demeulemeester - S/S 2013

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For upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 we surely got new Ann style. From previous closed and hardened shells, this collection is something different. "Beauty can be frightening," said Ann Demeulemeester. She also said that she was inspired by "the duality of butterflies," solid bug versus ethereal wings. Just her version of butterflies is not just ordinary, it has Ann touch. "It was a process of being really clear, really focused, really sharp and really simple but still beautiful," said Demeulemeester after the show. Whole collection contains mystery filled with multi-stranded leather belts, light silk dresses with long light sleeves that are giving the effect of wings. Primary color in this collection is black with touch of mauve, cream and light mint. Awakening of butterflies.

References: Ann Demeulemeester , Style.com 

Nicolas Andreas Taralis - S/S 2013

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"I was thinking of faraway places," said Nicolas Andreas Taralis for his collection for S/S 2013. The colour palette was black, white, and grey, with chunky wedged boots and clumpy strands of hair signalling that this collection was would-be fodder for the edgy crowd. Tailoring was asymmetrical and organic. Raw edges gave pieces a worn-in feel. And last but not least, two sheer, breezy gowns – one black, one white – added the lightness the show needed and ended it on a strong, beautiful, note.

Enfin Levé - A/W 2012

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European brand, Enfin Levé (Finally Arisen) made great leather collection for Fall/Winter 2012 and fulfill it with, also, great lookbook.  The collection consists of 4 different pieces, each in black, made of soft Italian leather and various natural materials. Van Diem, Creative Director and Owner of Enfin Levé, explained that brand is made to introduce fine crafted couture pieces, a manifest of new quality, aesthetics and elegance. Here are photos from AW lookbook, and hope you all enjoy same way I did.

References: Enfin Levé

Skingraft - A/W 2012-13

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Skingraft is a Los Angeles based design house led by designer Jonny Cota and brand manager Chris Cota. Born in 2005, Skingraft began as an experiment in performance art-inspired fashion and now produces full ready-to-wear collections for men and women along with ornate one-of-a-kind pieces for the runway and stage.
Collection for Autmn/Winter 2012-13 still keeps original style of Skingraft mixing gothic and macabre elements. Collection was presented at the Vibiana Cathedral, a breathtakingly sublime venue for the equally enticing show to occupy it. Pieces were shown in black, grey, brown and off-white, giving whole collection more type of edgy urban street wear look.

References: Skingraft

Forme 3’3204322896 (Forme d’expression) - A/W 2012-13

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Once more Forme d’Expression (also known as Forme 3’3204322896) done great job. For Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection, Forme kept Her style.  Collection offer a very organic and raw take on tailoring. Fabrication and texture are key elements, alongside the clever use of details such as raw edges and exposed stitching. Giving the pieces an artistically, dishevelled look.

References: Forme d’Expression