UEG - "Latter days" A/W 2015

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UEG (Usa e getta / use and discard) launched in 2004 by Polish graphic designer Michal Lojewski. The brand plays on the concept of consumption by using graphic design as its main tool and also it refers to temporary nature of today's existence. Unification. Communication. Awareness.
"Taking its name from the last book of the Bible, the collection looks at the world's inevitable end - the Apocalypse. The biblical quotes taken out of the context warn of the threat that will come in an unknown hour, adding to the feeling of uncertainty and awe.
By using the apocalyptic metaphor, UEG points to the forces that devour the modern world: greed, selfishness and lust for power. Repentance here has no religious implications; it's a call for the return to universal virtues that will redirect the world back to its right path. The two prints reflect the collection's eschatological mood, with the hair symbolizing the mortal remains and the VHS tape - the debris left after the fall of technology."

Reference: UEG


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