Y-3 - S/S 2017

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Yohji Yamamoto's latest Y-3 collection (Adidas collaboration) was all about black and gray with a touch of shades of blue, as well as, about sporty dystopian style. The new collection, created for the futuristic hiker, continues to push boundaries with NOCI – a robust yet lightweight sneaker. The rest is more geometric focused, with tech materials, various stripes, hats and everything that is atypical!
"There are so many casual fashions. It looks so ugly and dirty to me. "

Full collection: Vogue.com


Boris Bidjan Saberi - S/S 2017

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Something old, something new, but overall another strong collection by the Persian-German designer Boris Bidjan Saberi. For the season of SS 2017 designer leads us on a journey; into a world of advanced technology and explains how to be more human than human. In collection that represent a mix between humans and machines Saberi, also, continues his aesthetic color palette story - code: yellow.

Image: Vogue.com

Aitor Throup - “Trans-seasonal prototypes”

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Aitor Throup - name that opened the door of one completely different world. In his 10 years in fashion he (lit.) 'reshaped' it. Throup's name, nowadays, is a synonym for art, performance, inspiration... a story for itself. During London Collections: Men he presented six trans-seasonal prototypes entitled “The Rite of Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter”.
The collection is a personal declaration of his "creative ego," his dissatisfaction, his epiphany, his resolve.

From today (Monday), the six “trans-seasonal prototypes” are displayed at Dover Street Market, where they would be sold as complete looks.

Image: NowFashion


Titania Inglis - "Syzygy" A/W 2016

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Check out the latest collection by half Chinese, half Scottish designer Titania Inglis entitled "Syzygy."

Inspiration for A/W 2016 collection Titania found in the movement of bodies through space and time. With plunging V necklines, angled hems, leather strap details echoing planetary orbits, and a rich color palette of deep burgundy, charcoal gray, mauve, and moss green, the collection represents the designer’s continuing maturation: at once darker, more luxe, and yet more wearable than ever.

Photography // Julia Comita
Model // Francesca Vuillemin
Makeup // Mariko Hirano
Hair // Melisande Page


GALL - A/W 2016

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High-end fashion brand GALL is creative collaboration of a New Yorker and an Italian designer, Justin and Chiara.  Partners in life and in business, they share the same passion for art, darkness and avant-garde.

“Our philosophy is to create looks that are Neoteric with contemporary functionality, and of highest quality. Supplying the people who love us, with garments that have an effortless feel with strong structure, which can change form and supply impact to the eye. We take a lot of time to achieve a certain balance in edge, abstractness, and innovation. Constant evolution in concept and design is also a must for us.”

 Check out the newest collection.


Solemn - "The Principle of Dao" S/S 2016

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Solemn's 2016 Spring Summer collection extracts its theme upon verse 40 of Laozi's Daode Jing: "Return is the motion of Dao. Softening is dao's function. All things in the world arise from being. And being arises from non-being." This collection and its silhouettes attempt to portray the abstract idea of Dao as the essence of all being that is distinctly defined by the act of softening. Thus, Dao circulates between all that exists, yet it cannot be seen clear by the naked eye. Essentially, Dao becomes the core for existence. Without Dao, nothing prevails."

Direction: Linus Jin
Photos: Huang JunTuan
Make up: Angie Huang
Model: Chenze Lin

Susa Kreuzberger - "Show Code Noir/Feminisme" S/S 2016

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Androgyny collection by Susa Kreuzberger for SS16 in which she tries to interpret the term 'feminism' in a new way in order to find a use of form without a specific form. The Viennese fashion designer resolves in her recent collection "code noire/feminisme" gender roles, which usually are boosted by fashion, and quotes them in many facets. Contrary to an intentional feminist point of view, out of transience and general femininity, the new garments speak all the language of new feminist ideas and ask for a new term. The relevant source of ideas was the musician PATTI SMITH with her aura and corresponding attitude. 

Source: NJaL


Chaos From Undermind - "Fugacious" A/W 2016

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South Korean menswear label Chaos From Undermind aims to create a specific lifestyle... an ideology based on ‘Darkness in Subconscious’ where Chaos represent the inner darkness of the human mind through their progressive forms.
Their collection for Autumn/Winter 2016 entitled "Fugacious" was inspired by Korean traditional costumes with the twist of the Asian mood wrapped in black palette.