MINOAR - "NON" S/S 2016

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The nice refreshment nowadays comes from Bulgarian label MINOAR. They presented women's collection for Spring/Summer 2016 under entitled 'NON'. The name incorporates the concept that despite a human being’s encompassing surroundings, one can still be an individualist. The designer behind Minoar, Tea Avosaps, expresses her desire to show the modern woman outside of the stream, through the timeless deconstruction pieces.

Reference: MINOAR

Leon Emanuel Blanck - S/S 2016

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Known for his unique pattern making method, Leon Emanuel Blanck also abolish symmetry within his garments. ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION refer to the anatomy and the movement of the human body and naturally created sutures, diminishing “put-on” design. In this holistic project, every piece of the collection is a sculpture;  fitted perfectly to the human anatomy without any regular seaming, coming to life once worn by people.

Scroll down to check the collection for S/S 2016.

Leon Louis - "Uncontested Ritualism" S/S 2016

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The latest collection of the Danish designer represents darkness from another perspective. It is about an introverted form that is, more or less, part of each of us, "the sort that is moody, wounded and flawed."
Deconstruction plays the main part of the collection. Distressed and worn styled pieces made of waxed horse leather, ox hide and calf skin are combined to create more than one unusual texture. Apart from it, the collection is composed of thick layers created by different length tops, shorts, fitted leggings and knit pieces. Various styles and various materials is what is giving this collection the pure strength and perfection of minimalism.

Michael Maibach - "Distorted Society" A/W 2016-17

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Michael Maibach develops his own rules, methods and system, and creates pieces that transforms the body of wearer. "The idea is hiding yourself behind the clothes. It provides security and well being." The designer brings color, shape and material together and analyzes the effect directly on the body of wearer. Inspired by the sculptural aesthetics of the human body, he sees his work as an entity.

Full collection: Michael Maibach

Forme d’expression - A/W 2015

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Forme 3'3204322896, better known as Forme d’expression, released another perfect taylored collection. Koeun Park always stays loyal to her minimal style and monochrome color palette. Quietly elegant and real, the label aims to create different forms of human expression through fashion.
Check out the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection and enjoy...

Full collection: Forme d’expression