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Born in the Ukraine, Kieve, Elena has long had the talent and passion for fashion design. Since she was a child, Elena has been recognised for her astounding drawing ability and creativity. Currently based in San Francisco, CA, United States. She studied at Academy of Art University.

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S A D A K - A/W 2012-13

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Saša Kovačević, Serbian-born designer studied at Kunsthochschule-Berlin and graduated in 2010. Currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Saša picked name S A D A K, which is the ancient name for a traditional sleeveless jacket worn in some regions of the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece). It was considered as mandatory garment of women and men in the Balkans. SADAK holds a strong ethnographic tie to the traditional attire of Kovacevic's motherland of Serbia. The preserved magical meaning of sadak in its original oral and visual context is transformed and adapted to contemporary reality. The most important message SADAK wants to communicate is: pride in individuality . This collection, like pervious is conceptual, play of shapes, garments and after all, traditional.

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Basil Soda - A/W 2012-13 - RTW

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BEIRUT designer Basil Soda launched his label in 2000, having previously studied architecture as well as fashion. For A/W 2012-13 collection Basil got inspiration from the Egyptian sculptures of Isis, presented a richly detailed collection of dresses that stood tall and regal, like ancient and elaborate sarcophagi. The designer used a minimal approach to the translation of his idea, he inverted the primary aesthetic aspects of the Egyptian style by applying them to the detail elements of his garments.
References: Basil Soda


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Hey people. Just to let you know I won’t be here for 10 days. Going vacation. So maybe I won’t have chance to update my blog often, but I will try... if not will catch up when I come back. Have fun:)

HAIZHEN WANG - A/W 2012-13

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HAIZHEN WANG is a contemporary womenswear label based in London, which was launched in January 2010. Highly innovative, contemporary and with impeccable quality and attention to detail, Haizhen Wang quickly established himself as a cutting-edge designer. Inspired by immaculate craftsmanship, his designs are sophisticated and modern. Before launching the brand HAIZHEN WANG, Haizhen worked for GHOST founder's new label Handwritten by Tanya Sarne, adopted his love for tailoring at All Saints, designed and pattern cut at Boudicca, all after working in Italy as a designer at Max Mara.

References: HAIZHEN WANG

Dóra Mojzes - A/W 2012-13

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Dóra Mojzes, Hungarian fashion designer, graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (Hungary) Department of Textile in June 2008. Dora said that her aim is to create the image of a 21st century woman. A woman with high standards, a woman who is open and self-confident, a woman who is successful in work and can be feminine in everyday life.  Her collection for A/W 2012-13 is inspired by the movie Prometheus.

References: Dóra Mojzes

Petra Metzger - “Shapes of Revolution” collection - A/W 2012

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Petra - German designer who moved to London in 2003 and recently graduated from Central Saint Martins. Petra's design background is pretty impressive as she has been trained in the craftsmanship of dressmaking, to working with Hussein Chalayan, Haider Ackermann and Peter Jensen. She believes in strength and reflects that in her work and designs. On question what inspired her to create this collection, Petra answered: "The inspiration is the spirit of demonstration. A Muslim woman who stands up for her beliefs, her face is veiled and she is carrying a big flag over her shoulder. I immediately felt a huge amount of respect and sympathy at the same time."

References: MUUSE , Fashionising

C’N’C Costume National - A/W 2012-13

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C'N'C really done it with this collection. I do dare to describe it as virtual and futuristic. The collection is combination of urban and sporty wear, with  a lot of high details, large hoods, zippers and still showing very sharp silhouettes. Collection also contains mix of matherials, such as pvc, wool, fur, crepe and satin. Colors that are used are shiny black and opaqe black, gray, navy blue and bordeaux.

CIVILIZED - "URBAN SURVIVAL" collection - A/W 2012-13

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CIVILIZED is Japanese brand, launched in 2010 by Satoshii Okugawa (奥川諭志) and Kazuhiro Nomura(野村和宏). Brand is based on minimal, elegant and sophisticated style; a balance of function, material and cut. Collection for A/W 2012-13 comes under name "URBAN SURVIVAL" and it's combination of sports and elegant wear. Colors used in this collection are black, gray and navy.

References: CIVILIZED  

AREA di Barbara Bologna - "Inferno" collection - A/W 2012-13

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Barbara Bologna is an Italian-born sculptress and body art performer who after graduating from the “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Brera has gone on to create her own clothing and accessories line : AREA. Bologna‘s work is inspired and driven by both the worlds of art and music. She is influenced by intense, revolutionary and sometimes transgressive visionaries from both worlds.
Collection for A/W 2012-13 under name "Inferno" is the end of storyline that Barbara started within the human soul through her previous collections ("O Purgatoire", A/W 2011 and "Paradise", S/S 2012).


Anne Sofie Madsen - SEDNA - A/W 2012-13

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Anne Sofie Madsen is Denmark designer who was trained by one of biggest names in fashion industry. Trained under John Galliano for Dior in Paris and worked for acclaimed trend forecasters Peclers, before moving to London to work for Alexander McQueen as Junior Designer. She debuted with her couture-inspired collection during London Fashion Week in 2010. Newest collection, Madsen is presenting under name "Sedna" inspired by goddess of the Underworld in Inuit mythology. Sedna's story is a tragic story of a young woman who loses her life in the arctic cold and becomes a goddess with a wish for revenge.

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