A New Cross - Moving forward to the start

Colombian brand A New Cross recently had their first runway show. "Moving Forward to the Start" was presented in Bcapital in Bogota, Colombia. During the show, ANC showed their timeless agender pieces that are not following global trends, but focus on the quality, the duality and versatility, as well as the originality (they have been one of my favorite for several years now).

As mentioned above, A New Cross is known for its handcrafted and luxurious work, where everything is perfectly lined and tailored, with loose and raw endings. It is a balance that A New Cross has been making, where imperfection becomes perfection itself.

For the latest collection, there is nothing much to say except to scroll down and enjoy this avant-garde perfection.

Photo source: FashionRadicals
A New Cross

KOFTA - "Imago" S/S 2018

KOFTA is one of those names that always has a new and original story to tell, shaped in a bit different way. Each time their stories vary depending on the sphere of art and origin. However, KOFTAs alienated creations carries a great strength and represent a beauty from a different perspective.

Collection for upcoming season of Spring/Summer 2018 is in touch with nature. "Imago"  represents inner beauty, strength, and improvement in different aspects of life. But also, in accordance with the name, Imago is the last stage an insect attains during its metamorphosis. It represents growth and maturity, and also level of sensitivity. Nature does not require edging as a point of perfection.

Photo credit Aleksei Gots

NILøS - S/S 2018

Collection for upcoming S/S 2018 is entitled "TRI ▼ ANGLE". It contains various elements and is more edgy-sporty oriented. Oversized hoodies and bombers play the main role, alongside with brand logo tees and parkas. This is my favorite collection of NILøS so far.

Photo source: NowFashion

Stone Island - Ice knit (thermo sensitive yarn) A/W 2017-18

Stone Island research experiments for the first time the thermo-sensitive sweater. Garments are created with a double knit construction: the outer face is made in an exclusive thermo-sensitive yarn that drastically changes color when exposed to cold, while the inner one is in pure wool. From yellow to orange, from emerald to military green, from ivory to anthracite.

TECH NOIR | Cyanotic

Lately, I was going back to my 'roots' and the playlist was mainly industrial/ebm based. Since I am always open to new ideas and sounds, I am constantly in search of what is new in nearly every aspect of art and whatnot. That is how I discovered Cyanotic and songs like "Survival Instincts" and "Neo-Tokyo Skylines" (my fave) got on my playlist and stayed stuck on the repeat.

Since forming in 2002, Cyanotic has been producing their own "hybrid of angry robot music" and creating a name that is nowadays well known in the industrial scene. 

The newest album “Tech Noir” is the ninth studio release (released September 27) under Glitch Mode Recordings. The main producer and Science Fiction superfan, Sean Payne, has been the only constant member of the Band, and continues the nearly 15 year course of progress, offering a loving tribute to classic and current cyberpunk/industrial music culture. This album is also a nod to the film genre of the same name and the nightclub featured in The Terminator.

“Tech Noir” is a true gem in industrial music genre with occasional shifts into heavy synths and cybernated noises. It is also mixture of old and new school sounds, showing that Cyanotic has evolved and expand their horizons.

So, if you still haven't listen to these badass heavy-hitting cyberpunk sounds you better click on the link below:

NUDE: Masahiko Maruyama - S/S 2018

Masahiko Maruyama is name who evokes an artistic representation of simple design and distinctive silhouette. Established back in 1996, Maruyama kept creating contemporary pieces of high quality and functionality where black and grey dominated the minimalist color palette. 

Recently Nude: MM unveiled its collection for Spring/Summer 2018 with a slightly different aesthetic than the one we are used to. Innovation consists of the introduction of abstract prints that tells a story of designer's heritage.

Full collection: Nude: MM