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With the soul of a wanderer, this Colombian brand is going from one extreme to another but never losing its path. Never stopping to amaze with his designs. Collection for S/S 2015 under the name "ASHES" is inspired by bizarre and powerful work of Alejandro Jodorowsky, "The Holy mountain" movie. Designer is leading us on a spiritual journey, making us to free our mind and see the world from different perspective.

"Real life awaits us."

References: A New Cross, StealthProjekt

CHIN TEO - handcrafted jewellery

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Chin Teo is Malaysian designer, based in Melbourne and one more talented name in the world of fine craftsmanship. All pieces are unique and hand crafted in silver and raw materials (leather, wool, wood...) characterized by monumental shapes and natural textured finish. Chin Teo's unique pieces are created to make special bond with the wearer.

“Raw materials have different faces, the ability to be seen in different angles, and also the potential to be altered and manipulated. As a designer, it’s important to place myself as a medium and translate these to audience in my own design language . And that’s essentially what brings out my desire to create, to let others see what I see.”

References:  Chin Teo, ForTomorrow

Au Courant Paris - "Innominate" F/W 2015

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Au Courant Paris strikes once again with new amazing collection. The first look of the "Innominate" collection is very much eye-catching. From unique cuts, nicely styled layers, great details, bright color palette and cozy natural look it's all what is making this collection urban everyday one, yet outstanding.

References: Au Courant Paris

MOOHONG - S/S 2015

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Moohong Kim is a Seoul-born British-educated designer and also political scientist (he obtained PhD in Politics at University of Warwick). Interesting combination of education and passion led Kim in creating his own label under name Moohong.
Collection for S/S 2015 under name “Street Ethnic” is combination of different styles with minimalistic approach. From aesthetic street style to sophisticated u-turn, from asymmetrical to plain and sharp cuts, from loose to fit, from midday to sunset, midi to maxi... all nicely wrapped to create timeless unisex collection.

Full collection: Moohong, DeuxHommesMag (female), DeuxHommesMag (male)

Infundibulum - "Dust" capsule collection


Infundibulum aims is to integrate profound spirituality with life in a modern context. This urban ascetic menswear from Moscow is guided by hedonism philosophy and slogan "less havings – more pleasure".
"Dust collection is the reverse of casual. The way the menswear could be if its evolution took a different path."

Design: Infundibulum
Photo: Alex Kachkaev
Model: Александр Романов

Shoes by: Kuznetsov & Yakunina

References: Infundibulum and NJaL