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COMPLEMENTAIR is a young brand that was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2016. Young or not, they have a lot of potential and creative ideas to share. COMPLEMENTAIR is an ideologically visual art-based brand combined with alternative luxury concept, featuring neutrality, sexual attraction, and individuation. The brand prolongs the famed structuralism designing style, fusing utter masculine and utter feminine elements to blur the boundaries between man and woman in order to focus on the original relations between clothing and human body. Mixing high fashion and street fashion, function and decoration so as to break through the traditional clothing design, it reshapes the complete simple designing style of being white or black.


Ann Demeulemeester - S/S 2018

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I know that I haven't been much active lately... working on various other projects and trying to improve blog at the same time simply eats almost all of my free time. But here is the blog post to compensate all that or at least part of it.

For Ann Demeulemeester newest collection Sébastien Meunier brought dark romanticism to the runaway by joining forces with Belgian act, Warhaus during Paris Fashion Week. With each upcoming collection there is more and more of 'old Ann' combined with modern day dark and goth, which leads into creating label's new DNA.

In Spring/Summer 2018 collection there is variety of striking accessories, long cotton shirts, flowy tops and pants in usual black and white that are nicely layered under elongated coats. Minimalism to it's finest.

Full collection: Vogue

GALL - S/S 2018

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Dark aesthetic creations is something that Italian brand Gall is known for. Collection for Spring/ Summer 2018 represents an urban warrior that is open to divergence, with no boundaries in life. Functionality and dynamism is brand's philosophy that lies in layering different type of high quality garments. The color palette is based on tones of black, cream and gray, incorporating abstract prints that reinterpret the instability of mobile sands and the camouflage warrior valor.

A New Cross - Moving forward to the start

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Colombian brand A New Cross recently had their first runway show. "Moving Forward to the Start" was presented in Bcapital in Bogota, Colombia. During the show, ANC showed their timeless agender pieces that are not following global trends, but focus on the quality, the duality and versatility, as well as the originality (they have been one of my favorite for several years now).

As mentioned above, A New Cross is known for its handcrafted and luxurious work, where everything is perfectly lined and tailored, with loose and raw endings. It is a balance that A New Cross has been making, where imperfection becomes perfection itself.

For the latest collection, there is nothing much to say except to scroll down and enjoy this avant-garde perfection.

Photo source: FashionRadicals
A New Cross

KOFTA - "Imago" S/S 2018

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KOFTA is one of those names that always has a new and original story to tell, shaped in a bit different way. Each time their stories vary depending on the sphere of art and origin. However, KOFTAs alienated creations carries a great strength and represent a beauty from a different perspective.

Collection for upcoming season of Spring/Summer 2018 is in touch with nature. "Imago"  represents inner beauty, strength, and improvement in different aspects of life. But also, in accordance with the name, Imago is the last stage an insect attains during its metamorphosis. It represents growth and maturity, and also level of sensitivity. Nature does not require edging as a point of perfection.

Photo credit Aleksei Gots