Niløs - { PILLARS } 003 collection

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This is Horikawa's 003rd collection entitled { PILLARS }. The A/W 2016 collection continues it's journey where it previously stopped - combining his well known avant-garde style with street one.
The collection is heavy drop-crotch based with addition of parkas, anoraks and hoodies in gradient of black and white.
Wearable pieces of cozy high-density materials create bell alike silhouettes, highlighting the footwear, where the true soul of Julius is.

The Viridi-anne - A/W 2016

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Check out the Fall/Winter 2016 collection from the Japanese label The Viridi-anne.

Image source:  The Viridi-anne

DZHUS - S/S 2016

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DZHUS Spring/Summer 2016 collection, “PRO FORMA”, is inspired with uniform design, with its priority of functionality and standardisation over subjective aesthetics.
Inventing alternative cut principles, Irina Dzhus plays up the recognisable structural features of the medical, training and workers’ wear in her eclectic, exaggeratedly normcore designs.
DZHUS’ signature industrial-inspired fabric finishes are used in the products, such as fastening with strings, raw hems and exposed overstitching. Seam allowances are piped on the right side, with bias binding that forms straps, extending past the edge of the fabric. Elastic gathers replace traditional tucks. Overlock is also used as a constructional technique for a special fabric and a fringe.
The ivory-grey and black pieces are made of hand treated bleached linen and textured cotton.
All the products are made of cruelty-free materials.

Photo: Olga Nepravda
Style: Irina Dzhus DZHUS Style Studio
Makeup & Hair: Mary Kolomiets
Model: Анастасия Неправда
Location: Platforma Art Factory Платформа арт-завод

KOVR - A wearable countermovement

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We all know the basic function of the clothing, but Dutch duo wanted to create something more... A clothing that helps you protect your 'personal data.'
KOVR (pronounced cover) is an ongoing project of designers Marcha Schagen and Leon Baauw. The name comes from Esperanto, created to be an easy-to-learn, universal language with a goal to put aside political and cultural differences and enhance communication transparency.
Main inspiration for this type of fashion came after Leon started the project while researching surveillance systems in the city of Rotterdam.
"We live in a time when technology and personal privacy are sometimes at odds. Your passport contains a chip full of data about you. Your smartphone knows your every move. Your PIN payment card works contact-free. And your newly purchased clothing comes with an RFID sticker capable of transmitting your location. These are just some of the ways you can be traced."
The fabric they use blocks every signal, leaving the user to be in charge of their own data and therefore privacy.
"We use metal-containing fabric in all of our products. Multiple layers of nickel, copper, and polyester provide full protection for your information. Jackets and bags feature technology that blocks every in- and outgoing signal, making it impossible to access your personal information."

Source: KOVR

Demobaza - "SATORI" A/W 2016 part II

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Second part of Demobaza collection "SATORI"  is dedicated to minimalist and futuristic men's style. Awakened soul of urban warrior.

Full collection: DEMOBAZA