SADE English - "Skin" collection

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Sade English, graduate from London college of Fashion, studied Fashion Design Pattern Cutting and created her own label at the age of 21. Creative directing, manufacturing, styling as well as taking control of all aspects, her execution has formed her signature style which has become well known in the fashion industry. English's singular element signifies the counter-stereotype from having a "anti-clone" ideology, which prevents Sade English garments from falling into categories like womenswear or menswear, not even unisex.
"Men and Women especially in today's society are disappointed of their reflection, It's about time men and women accept their individualism amongst an army of clones."

References: SADE English

Dora Abodi - "ANA" A/W 2014 collection

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Born in Transylvania, in a family of fine artists, Dora Abodi showed an early interest in fashion and started to draw outfits in her parents and grandfather's studio. She graduated from French Mod’art International Art and Fashion Academy in 2009, and in the same year she founded her eponymous brand Dora Abodi.
In her newest collection main focus is drawn from Transformers and Hajime Sorayama's precisely detailed erotic robots. ANA - super-heroine and interpretation of the roles of the modern woman and the lure for a robotic body. Ana is actually cyborg who, during daytime,  fights as a Transformer but at night time she is a sexy gynoid.
The futurist baroque atmosphere is an important caracteristic of the collection. Innovative Swarovski crystal fabrics, technical materials, special developed metal hardwares mixed with classic luxury materials like fine silk, jaquards, lambskin leather were used during realisation.

References: NJAL

Vlad de întunecare - Fall 2014

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Vlad is a brand which is aiming darkish and avant-garde moods, and whose main inspiration comes from great history of Vlad the Impaler (aka Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia). Vlad work is mostly reflected  in destroying existing things and recasting them. Deeply inspired by duality of human, the crumbling of religious society , dark side of society, chaos, … darkness and light, Vlad expresses them contradictorily itself which expresses its beauty.

References: Vlad de întunecare and echeveau 

Comme des Garçons - A/W 2014-15

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For A/W 2014-15, Rei Kawakubo done one more "object" collection. In constant search of new inspirations and original creations, Kawakubo decided not to make strict fittings on the body; collection is pile of objects to go beyond the body, to reformulate what fashion is to the designer. Also designs for upcoming season have monstrous and macabre look that looks like it was influenced by Japanese horror movies.
"It's not about the typical Monster you find in sci-fi and video games. The expression of the Monsters I have made has a much deeper meaning. The craziness of humanity, the fear we all have, the feeling of going beyond common sense, the absence of ordinariness, expressed by something extremely big, by something that could be ugly or beautiful. In other words, I wanted to question the established standards of beauty."


Anna Viik - S/S 2014

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Anna Viik - creative and well developed Fashion Designer professional versatile pattern cutter-designer with extensive experience in orchestrating all aspects of adult clothing design operations while demonstrating attuned attention to detail and inventive qualities. She studied at University for the Creative Arts and gained knowledge to produce both (male and female) clothing lines, as well as various computerized fashion design programs. Actively pursuing a Fashion Design position in an operational environment that will effectively utilize acquired artistic skills and abilities while demonstrating over 5 years of experience in the professional filed. Her designs are original, activewear with futuristic touch.

References: Anna Viik

Tsolo Munkh - A/W 2014-15

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Mongolian designer Tsolmandakh Munkhuu a.k.a Tsolo Munkh returned to her roots and legends with new collection. Designer explains that she got on spiritual journey and drawn inspiration from visual and Buddhists images and combining 'em with art elements.

"Like a shamanic voyage across several lives, and that has multiple initiations, textile techniques evolve little by little.
The unusual felt, carded sheep’s wool stretching across a honeycombed leather structure, is wet and kneaded, becoming something new.
The leather and the woven wool, the fibres metamorphosed thanks to a game of folding, reveal astonishing poetic forms.
The volumes are made clear with an extreme stylisation. Certain pieces are reversible or able to be positioned at will. The coats are adorned with specific, sometimes oversized collars; the waistcoats bristle with strips of leather, the dresses come to life by their yokes and their cut. Leather is omnipresent.
Every detail counts, from the shoulder of a coat, to the knee of a trouser, topstitching which reveals a dragon. The myths and legends of Mongolia reappear. Transformations and metamorphoses show themselves to be primordial."

References: Tsolo Munkh