Dora Abodi - "ANA" A/W 2014 collection

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Born in Transylvania, in a family of fine artists, Dora Abodi showed an early interest in fashion and started to draw outfits in her parents and grandfather's studio. She graduated from French Mod’art International Art and Fashion Academy in 2009, and in the same year she founded her eponymous brand Dora Abodi.
In her newest collection main focus is drawn from Transformers and Hajime Sorayama's precisely detailed erotic robots. ANA - super-heroine and interpretation of the roles of the modern woman and the lure for a robotic body. Ana is actually cyborg who, during daytime,  fights as a Transformer but at night time she is a sexy gynoid.
The futurist baroque atmosphere is an important caracteristic of the collection. Innovative Swarovski crystal fabrics, technical materials, special developed metal hardwares mixed with classic luxury materials like fine silk, jaquards, lambskin leather were used during realisation.

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