10SEI0OTTO - F/W 2015-16

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10SEI0OTTO (DIECISEIZEROOTTO) was created by two individuals with a passion for leather jackets; Paolo Barelli and Tiziano Rillo, the former being an absolute expert in the leather industry, the second a creative and passionate designer particularly cut for leather outfits. The aim of the brand is to fulfill the needs of an evolved and ever changing market, focusing on high level standards, on high quality products as well as on new artisanal approaches.
With each new collection 10sei0otto is pushing the boundaries. For FW15-16 collection the brand introduces this season technical fabrics carefully selected such as oiled canvas, soy-cotton, and waterproof cotton. The easily wearable everyday collection gets its avant-garde twist. Mixture of elegance and informal style with timeless glow.

"An avant-garde primitivism, the infinite pursuit of primary values."

Reference: 10sei0otto, Modestnobility


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