SOLEMN - "Yin-Yang" S/S 2015 | Interview

When I think of avant-garde and minimalism, lately the brand that constantly comes up my mind is SOLEMN. Established in Taiwan in 2012, SOLEMN is the brand with strong influence of ancient Eastern cultures, whose designs carries strong messages. Created of the finest natural materials, the brand pays special attention on details, and focus on creating a perfect 'eye-catching' silhouette. By balancing the garment designs in monochrome color palette, SOLEMN is trying to make connection between the past and modern through an evolved society; generations of culture and history that is now autonomously part of Taiwan.

Today, as addition to regular blog presentation, I made a short interview with Enri Lu, the creative director of SOLEMN.

Let’s begin at your origins. Tell me something more about yourself? What initially drew you to fashion?
     Throughout my life, one concept I would always return to is the idea of existence and its following purpose. This thought had led me to try different mediums for self expressions including music, which eventually led me to fashion. What I see in fashion is a way of not merely expressing the self but also making your ideas into a substantial and influential piece of art. Although I quit fashion school midway, this off route has shown me much more about social standards and academic standards. It is then that I decided to start Solemn off as an experimentation to my abilities and see how it leads in the fashion industry.

Whole brand concept is highly based on Eastern culture. Can you tell me something more about brand image of SOLEMN?
     Solemn is a brand based in Taiwan, yet it is true our ideologies trace back to ancient eastern cultures and Chinese history. What I am trying to bring to the table is the evolved and passed generations of culture and history that is now autonomously part of Taiwan. Especially traditional mandarin characters and old proverbs of virtue morale are definitely worthy to note in the eastern branch of philosophy. These are also concepts that we incorporate in our designs to convey stories and promote understanding of this foreign island.

Not so long ago, your collection for SS15 has been released. What was the main inspiration for it? What is the message that the collection is carrying?
     Solemn's Spring Summer 2015 collection derives from the scriptures of the Tao-te Ching (or The Classic of the Virtuous Way) by Lao Tzu. From this classic text, we took the concept of "the way of the elements," an idea that describes maintaining the unity of all matters is the ultimate way to maintain virtue. In other words, excessiveness and insufficiency may both ruin the harmony of virtue, which is something I believe is occurring worldwide and needs to be understood. 

If you weren't into fashion designs, what else could you see yourself doing?

     I find great interest in astrology and analyzing how the existing cosmos correlate with planets, substances, and most important its effect of human beings. There is something about knowing what is much greater and vast than the existing planet we live on that I find very intriguing.

What are your plans for the future?

     I am still aspiring to express my ideologies and beliefs, especially those of Taiwanese culture through Solemn to a bigger audience.

And last... Describe your brand in 5 words.

     Solemn, unlimited, in all existence.

“All things leave behind them the Obscurity (out of
which they have come), and go forward to embrace the
Brightness (into which they have emerged), while they are
harmonised by the Breath of Vacancy.”


  1. Great article and photos about minimalistic fashion with a big impact.

  2. Great interview and collection. Your blog always has all needed information. Thank you for that. Keep it up!