Room13byMANIQUE - LIGHTS and DARKS Series A/W 2015-16

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After decade in fashions design literacy of MANIQUE, 2013 -  Hong Kong designer Ah Yuen, through her attainment in self-cultivation started Room13. Inspiration to create unique handmade accessories and bags, Ah Yeun draws from monochromatic color palette to make up the androgynous aesthetics, as well as, modern Gothic style.  Mystique elements of nature, origami art, freedom from abstract expressionism, spiritualism imagination and intuition from material biodiversity infusing with the unconventional miracle approach in products, blend with geometric and architectural structure make up the original creation and ingenious design to set a fashion.
Passionate and adventurous inventing with ideology and culture is the main active metabolite of Room13byMANIQUE.

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