Node by Kudo Shuji

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"Wearable art" is a true description of Japanese jewelry label Node by Kudo Shuji. These abrupt objects are handcrafted of the finest silver and gems representing transitory period from one sphere of beauty to another. From unprocessed to well polished, these sculptural objects are creating ultimate balance in time and space.

Photo: Deviant store

Divka - "In progress" A/W 2016

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Tokyo based label Divka presented collection for AW 2016-17 during the fashion week. "In progress" starts from designers own interest in the unique atmosphere that clothes-in-progress have in each process. Silhouettes are constructed based on the sense; free creation of raw edges, which later become the basis of the design, and giving an unexpected weight of fabrics. 
Also, the designer duo is guided by their own philosophy that the rules of clothes-making should be fixed, adjusted, and erased.
Divka is seeking to create clothes that are yet to be known.

Reference: NJaL

les D’Arcs - les D’Arcs I.

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les D’Arcs is a new Berlin-based fashion label by Anna Ingensand & Jess Kahlke. They create unique scarves & shawls (unisex) that are more than just a fashion accessory - but an everyday armour combining elegant roughness with functionality. Dressed in heavy knit, nappa leather or faux fur, these strong looks protect you against all kinds of cold while making you feel very comfortable. Unconventional closure systems such as hidden push buttons or the signature leather strap & brass loop give the les D’Arcs designs their unparalleled characteristics.

"All our products are deliberately designed unisex, because we do not advocate the antiquated separation between the sexes. We believe that everyone should be free to try out new things, choose and change that to one’s own gusto."

Antimatter - S/S 2017

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It might be a year away, but that hasn't stopped Korean contemporary label Antimatter to unveil their collection for SS 2017 entitled "Uncanny."
The collection is fully streetwear inspired in monochromatic tones. SS17 features a ton of heavy-duty outerwear – notably glistening parkas and a refreshingly modern take on the poncho – along with some magazine cover alike prints, phone screen graphic and retro VHS patches.
Scroll down to check their full collection.

Source: Antimatter

HATRA [ハトラ] - A/W 2016-17

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Futuristic, cozy and oversized clothing is what HATRA [ハトラ] does the best. Keisuke Nagami, the designer of the Japanese label recently presented collection for A/W 2016-17 inspired by  samue (the work clothing of Buddhist monks) and set in the colorful future of otaku world.

photographer: Seiji Ishigaki
hair/make: Hisamitsu Takahashi
head piece: Kotaro Sakazume
model: Lee Momoka

Photo credit: Coromo

Yunseo Choi - S/S 2016

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Fresh out of London’s Royal College of Art, Yunseo Choi’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection is a harbinger of high fashion’s future. With this collection, Choi discards the archetypes of menswear, favoring instead a distinctly futuristic aesthetic reminiscent of android warriors.
Collection contains of sleek and minimal bottoms paired with highly sculptural top — all feature varying plastic structures formed from triangles. Very monochrome and 'sterile', the collection is evocative of medieval armor yet does not overemphasize its military inspiration. Instead of playing off that fashion cliché in a way that’s obvious, Choi presents a dystopian future of robotic warfare and bionic soldiers.
This very futuristic oriented collection made Choi distinguished from others in this very crowded and ruthless world of fashion. For sure, looking forward seeing more of her creations in the near future.



LaguzAlgiz - “Of Copper and Crystal” collection

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Lian Michel Zarecki is name behind amazing jewellery label LaguzAlgiz. Founded in 2015, Zarecki has spent years exploring before deciding to create their own name.

Having an affinity for minerals since the childhood, and gaining the inspiration from a personal life, fantasy novels and all the magical things, Zarecki decided to open the gates of own magical world and share the creations with the rest of us:
"I decided to bring this love of fantasy to my jewelry, to encourage everyone who ever wished they were magical to decorate themselves magically."

Specialized in Viking Knit (hand woven wire also known as Trichinopoly), the young designer try to incorporate this beautiful art of craftsmanship into their own work.
"I learn as I work and I sell my one of a kind items as I finish producing them. I go through phases of materials, exhausting them and moving onto something different. I love making one off’s inspired by some trinket I picked up at an Antique shop or working with friends to make them something they’ve always wanted to wear. And to create all that by just using hands and hammer is what creates the real magic. Each day a new inspiration, a new story."

Check out the LaguzAlgiz collection entitled “Of Copper and Crystal” that has a minimalist design approach with a pretty metal that doesn't get worn in its natural state as often as it should.


Isabel Benenato - F/W 2016

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During Paris Fashion Week, Italian designer Isabel Benenato presented collection for Fall 2016 inspired by nature of her homeland. Benenato work plays on the side of pure simplicity in each aspect. Using variety of different materials, shapes and cuts, the collection is wrapped in warm wood tones in order to create discreet and flowy line.
The vision of a landscape, the flow of time, the capture of an image: the philosophy behind Isabel Benenato is narrated through memoirs of a real-life story, heart-felt emotions and feelings.

Photo source: NowFashion