YUKA - Brave

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Guliz has worked for years as a freelance art director in the production of commercial media. She has decided to transform her design skills with the help of jewelry. The brand “YUKA” was born in 2009 while Guliz was designing jewelry for herself. She furthered her creativity by attending a metalsmith workshop and start using different materials like silver, bronze and brass in her designs. She combines the traditional techniques with wax modeling. Guliz currently designs unique collections with the help of different materials in her studio. She inspires from nature, her inner thoughts and life experiences. She believes jewellery is the most powerful, yet underrated, means of communicating visually between people and establishing a unique relationship between the wearer, the viewer and the maker.
"Brave Collection is the outcome of the car accident I had in March 2013 when I spent several days in intensive care and hallucinated giant butterflies. I had a surgery afterwards and I have 7 acetabular screws which I then designed as wearable objects. This collection is dedicated to my “brave” days with my loved ones."
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Junya Watanabe - A/W 2014-15

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Black, black and nothing else than black was first impression after seeing Junya Watanabe's collection for A/W 2014-15.  Whole collection was made of patchwork where each patch presented inspiration and/or idea from his career as a designer. Also patches were made of different materials: velvet, satin, silk, leather, lace etc. and were creating variety of forms and layers. Once again Junya Watanabe has proved what a great designer he is with this collection.
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Titania Inglis - "Isostasy" A/W 2014-15

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The Fall 2014-15 collection is an investigation of texture and balance, inspired by geological processes such as the crumpling effect that forms mountains, which eventually reach full height at a state of equilibrium known as isostasy. This season’s long, sleek, and slouchy silhouettes are created in luxe fabrics including Japanese organic cotton stretch denim and twill; traditional Philippine pineapple fabric; smooth Italian veg-tanned lambskin, also washed to create a crumpled effect; and dead stock salt-and-pepper wool coating remaindered from the New York garment industry. The accompanying jewelry was a collaboration with porcelain designer Elaine Tian of Studio Joo, who shaped and hand-inked delicate ceramic petals that became long corded necklaces and harnesses to complement this season’s simple, painterly aesthetic.

References: NJAL and Titania Inglis

Julius - A/W 2014-15

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I can freely say I should be ashamed that in my complete mess and lack of time I actually forgot to do review  of great designer Tatsuro Horikawa and his Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection. To put 'things' back where they belong here is small presentation and review...
Presence and absence of light, black and white, extreme minimal and extreme layered at same time... whole presentation was followed by strong strobe-light effects that turned models into stop motion animations that skipped forwards in the darkness between the flashes. It wasn’t a collection intended to make you feel comfortable or to be awarded the usual adjectives implored by men’s fashion. It was, in Julius’ own words, about deformity, about “nervous pulses and hauling deep bass”. In a more literal sense that translated to black – lots if it – with lashings of stark white, both formed by layers that encased and enveloped the body.

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Mag.a Susanne Kreuzberger - name behind MADAME WITH A MISSION formed in 2010. Susanne describes that her challenge is joy and tensions in respect to the unlimited possibilities and desires. She mirror the desire in sculpture of the body in all its varieties and connotations as source of inspiration and target at the same time. "I am describing my clothing as an extension and supplementation of the body sculptur, it is giving me the possibility to move and/or emphasize proportions of the body. Variation and deconstruction of patterns as well as playing with the structure of fabrics are my tool to reshape the body/physics. My aim is keep on playing with options and possibilities, no matter what age and independent of any seasonal trends."

Keep It Simple and Sophisticated!

Lars Andersson - A/W 2014-15 (womenswear)

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In my last post I presented Lars Andersson menswear line for fall 2014-15. Today I am fulfilling database with female line that was presented on NYFW. Also made od light weight knits, asymmetrical-hooded cardigans, loose-flowing skirts and pants, oversize and long tops. Whole collection is nicely layered, light, cozy, warm and very feminine.

Photo credit: Creative Door Gallery