Leon Louis - A/W 2014-15

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Leon Louis explores a return to an achromatic essence of precise layering. Expressed here through the sculpting a second layer of skin, seamlessly intertwined with our bodies. Protective, shielding and morphing neatly with each corporal movement. A/W14 appraises traditional construction techniques, local craftsmanship and immaculate tailoring. The postmodern garments are an exercise of careful dissection and sartorial examination.
Leon Louis traveller values personal expression and the opulent patina of travelling garments throughout our lives. Without compromising on wearability, the brand allows for individual interaction with quality fabrics. Such selected fabrics will be subjected to altered compositions, allowing them to become one with their righteous bearers, illusively through elegant movements and the ever so prone test of immortal times.

References: Leon Louis FB and CPHFW


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