UEG - "Double Disaster" S/S 2016

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"Road traffic injuries are the 8th leading cause of death globally, and are forecast to become the 5th by 2030. World’s most popular mode of transportation takes a toll of 1.3 million lives a year, more than HIV, tuberculosis, or malaria. Taking its name from Andy Warhol’s painting Double Disaster (Silver Car Crash), the collection reinterpretes the artist’s dual understanding of the horror of a car crash through reversible garments. "

Reference: UEG

NUDE: MM - A/W 2015-16

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Known by his simplicity and uniqueness, Tokyo designer Masahiko Maruyama conceived his nude:mm line to embody high quality and functionality. Monochrome, draped and elongated silhouettes, sophisticated yet strict and modern, amazing knits and coats... nude:mm creates a wardrobe of relaxed hybrids of activewear and tailoring.

Full collection: Nude: MM

11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi - S/S 2016

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The collection draws inspiration from the style and attitude of Hispanic gang (Cholo), alongside subtle marine imaginary.
The color palette has the chromatic choice, and contains of black, white and navy. Also, throughout the collection there is developed (bullet) hole concept as a reference to marine uniform.
Gold embroideries are elaborated as a deconstructed adaptation of marine dress trimmings, providing graphical metrical textures. A two middle finger artwork that stands as the 11 gang sign is printed and perforated as a classic positional graphic.
Every season BBS focus is drawn to different type of material. Collection S/S 2016 is about Japanese denim and indigo dyed fabrics, a mixture from extra light to rigid fabrics with an emphasis on contrasted textures.
Collaborations leaded by the bag collection with the german producer Ortlieb and the caps by the well known headwear brand New Era.

Reference and full collection: 11byBBS

Alexandre Plokhov - S/S 2016

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Refreshing. That's what it is. Alexandre Plokhov S/S 2016 collection is  combining his subcultural past with today's modern. This gradient collection of clean cuts was inspired by Stephenson’s ‘The Mongoliad.'
"In the book clans are marked out by the colors they wear," explained Plokhov.
While combining military grunge(y) style with feminine elements, a variance in tone and consistency is what makes pieces of this collection to stand out.

Reference: Alexandre Plokhov, Style.com

Ieva Mežule "ORES"

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This young Latvian fashion designer focus on creating unique pieces, without crushing the boundary between art and fashion. For Ieva Mežule the story has an important role in creating something new. It defines the need to understand the depth of the whole.
"The collection is about a individual who tries to keep his true existence, without being the subject to the collective perception model, capable to influence an individual's actual existence. Silhouettes are architectural and massive, both in form and color, that conceptually creates a process, in which the individual becomes existentially stronger by building their self-defensive space."

Reference: Ieva Mežule, NJaL

Byungmun Seo - S/S 2016

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When speaking of Korean designers you can not omit name Byungmun Seo. Synonym for futuristic, monochrome and authentic, this designer creates modern pieces based on functionality and wearability. Seo's obsessive mind about human's nature is always creating a story and then interpret it into his work, as aspect of design development.
Collection for Spring/Summer 2016 named "Shadow pieces" comes in standard monochromatic palette. Main focus is on various materials and their cuts. Different textures, asymmetry, futuristic light layered look, unusual cuts... altogether, creates combo that always fits, within the presence and absence of light.

Foto credit: ThisHeartsOnFire, Byungmun Seo