A.F. Vandevorst - fall 2012 - RTW

Models with faces completely obscured by swaddling scarves and hats brought forth ample knits and trench coats, cinched at the waist by wide leather belts. Initially leaving all to the imagination, arms were obscured with long leather gloves; legs covered by knit stockings or lush black leather boots. Later peaks of skin began to materialize. Revealed shoulders combined with  mid length skirts and dresses.  It seems designers Filip Arickx and An Vandevorst fancied playing with extremes. To balance it all out, lines were long, with many the floor length coat or dress dusting the ground in spools of silken chiffon.
gray, black, forest green, bronze, burnished gold

SestreS - Serbian brand!

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SestreS = sisters Ivana and Jelena Stevančević, fashion designers from Belgrade, Serbia. They have been present at contemporary fashion scene since 2000. In 2006 Stevančević sisters introduced their SestreS brand.
Their creative process is pretty much based on handwork and cannot be multiplied, so it is mostly unique pieces, often designed for one perticular person.

SHIN - S/S 2012

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As already known layered looks, black and white colors, light and gauzy materials, futuristic style and over all minimalistic... SHIN represents us S/S collection for 2012.

Nicolas Andreas Taralis - Spring 2012 RTW

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Nicolas Andreas Taralis - tailor that worked for Dior Homme and Cerruti, realized that his dreams and future were much further away. So he created his own label, worked on numerous projects around the world and generated somewhat of a cult following for his renowned style. Taralis swapped last season's Victoriana for sci-fi. He loves George Lucas' first full-length film, THX 1138, and he used it as the starting point for his slightly futuristic collection. The collection was evenly divided between black and white, and certain pieces in that white cotton and later on in washed black leather had closed-in bands of Velcro along the torso. It gave them the edgy look of sci-fi uniforms.


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bARBARA í gONGINI is a Faroese brand based in Denmark. The aim of the company is to create Nordic clothing based on a conceptual approach to the process, where experiments with forms provide the setting for the visual motive in the design. Barbara í Gongini creates clothing, which is at the leading edge of the trade.

Kamila Gawrońska Kasperska - Metropolis and Diesel Fashion Collections

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Kamila is fashion and costume designer from Poland. Graduated from Art Department in Zielona Gora University (1998-2003). Master of Arts finals on fashion photography. Between 2008 -2011 – a student of International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw, Poland.

METROPOLIS collection - Inspiration in creating this collection was a film made by Fritz Lang in 1927 called “Metropolis”. The main idea was taken from futuristic styled skyscrapers as seen in the movie, followed with dieselpunk style, fashion from 1920's and 1930's, art deco style and Tamara Lempicka’s paintings. Structural, feminine and beyond the time, this collection is based on only three colours : black, red and white.

DIESEL collection - This collection continues earlier collection Metropolis. It contains only black color. Inspiration for this collection was found in movies "Sky Captain And The Word of Tomorrow" and "Sin City", as well in steampunk and dieselpunk.


Yohji Yamamoto - Fall 2012 - RTW

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Set of photos of Yohji Yamamoto’s fall 2012 collection presented during Paris Fashion Week. Wool cape/military trenches, black gabardine jackets and short pants comprised the designer’s classic, oversized, asexual silhouette and all that combined in red, black, white and dark blue colors.