Julius - "Crack" collection - A/W 2013-14

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We can easily say that with this collection for A/W 2013-14 Horikawa is back on old track with combining already known Julius style in black color. Whole collection was inspired by darkness but at same time with positive vibe. Asymmetrical or oversized jackets, skirts, pants and accessories... everything was done with paying great attention to details and the materials used. Garments came in black color and combination of leather, wool and jersey.

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Alice Auaa - A/W 2013-14

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Yasutaka Funakoshi is name behind Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion label and clothing brand Alice Auaa founded in 1993 in Kobe, Japan. At the beginning brand was mostly known to the underground scene by making clothing inspired with a combination of punk, new wave, and Gothic. In 1995, the Alice Auaa got a deal with band L’arc en ciel to promote the brand further. In 1997, after shop in Kobe got closed, brand got renamed as “Alice e laboratory” and moved to Osaka where the first “Alice Auaa” shop opened. Years of following this brand one is for sure... huge progress has been made and it's growing every single day. Also, Alice Auaa is becoming one of leading gothic-lolita brands in the fashion industry.

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Sisters of the Black Moon - "Disir" collection - S/S 2013

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Sisters of the Black Moon was founded beginning of 2010.  Sara Larocca-Ramm, Rachel Hunt and Alecia Marcum were in search for authentic vintage pieces of clothing to provide an online shop that would reflect their personal style and their visions. These Moonchild(s) finds their inspiration in life, nature and freedom and connections all together. In January 2013, they launched their own "Disir" collection.  Carefully selected garments, nicely shaped and layered in the color black, Sisters decided to take us on their very own journey. Enjoy the ride.
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Siki Im - "If on a Winter's Night a Traveler" collection - A/W 2013-14

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Inspired by Italo Calvino's meta-fictional novel "If On A Winter's Night A Traveller", Siki Im created collection for Fall/Winter 2013-14 presenting a vision that is nostalgic while at same time modern. This intricate hyper-novel is a fiction about fiction, questioning the relationship and position between author, novel, and reader. Getting the idea out of it, Im tries to do the same thing in the context of designer, garment, and wearer. In his book, Calvino even wrote paragraph-long descriptions about ideal outfit for an intellectual menswear collection as ever there was.
“I put on a balaclava helmet and over it a wool cap and, over that, a felt hat. Bundled up like this, and moreover with a scarf around my neck and another around my waist, a woolen jacket, a fur jacket, a leather coat, and lined boots, I could recover a certain security. The night, as I was then able to ascertain, was mild and serene.” Italo Calvino, 1981.

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Vega Zaishi Wang - "Alpha Lyrae" electroluminescence collection

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Vega Zaishi Wang is Beijing-based designer. She graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2008 and established her brand in the same year. As a recent graduate she has already been recognizes as one of China's top designers in terms of originality and quality. Her originality was most shown when Vega started showing her fascination with light, and finding ways to incorporate it into her designs. First use of electroluminescence  was in her first collection "Into the deep".
In the newest collection under name "Alpha Lyrae", Vega again uses electroluminescence and she is finding the inspiration in far future and deep space. Wang’s first name “Vega” refers to one of the brightest stars in our night sky, a heavenly body also referred to as Alpha Lyrae. With this dress collection of luminescent designs, Wang tells the story of the universe from beginning to end.

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Ann Demeulemeester - A/W 2013-14 - Womenswear - PFW

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Not so long ago on Paris Fashion Week, Ann Demeulemeester presented a female version of her A/W 2013 menswear collection.  Black and white, male and female, light and brittle and at same time very strong character. Ann combined light, sheer and swaying garments with heavy military alike boots adding them short-over-long waistcoats, jackets, and coats and giving finishing touch with hats. Inspiration for this collection Ann found in herself and added "I made everything I like".

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