Y. Project by Yohan Serfaty - F/W 2012/13

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The French designer, Yohan Serfaty, started its own line in 2008, where he develops his esthetics, mixing all materials and especially, leather, which became the heart of his collections. In 2010, he launched a new experiment, Y.Project. Y.Project starts from the fact that the fashion industry, and especially men’s fashion, is in full creative renewal. New shapes, new materials enable the conception and the creation of innovative clothes, in line with the metamorphosis of the sensitivity and behavior of men around the world.  Each collection is timeless, with some details or their construction evolving over time, while staying faithful to the same general esthetics and creative principals.
Collection for A/W 2012-13 contains big, high collars and asymmetrical zippers in wool, shearling and lots of leather create an easily layered look with long knits hanging out from underneath and low crotch pants that break up the length of the skinny legs. The leather boots, distressed and nondescript, were left unzipped in the back, which could just as easily have been a styling choice or a timesaving move. Reflecting his desire to slow down the pace of consumption and discard in fashion, Serfaty’s slowed down show is just one way that he walks the walk.

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