Zam Barrett - “The Vicissitudes of Being” A/W 2013-14

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Jamaican designer continues improving with each collection.  Collection for A/W 2013-14 is made of natural fabrics such as denim, leather, and cotton that are heavily treated and processed to create unique fabrics and textures. “The Vicissitudes of Being” is name of newest collection and Barrett explained "most of it is biography collection. We wanted to get collection back to the original concepts that we were working with the inception because we, for over the last year or so, moved away from a lot of the ideas and expressions that we've been using in the begining and we realised that we were becoming something that we didn't want to be and we decided that we are gonna play to our strenghts. There's a lot more tailoring, a lot more leather, ideas, there is a lot of the original stuff we started with. There is a lot more of us as who we are as a company rather than loosing our identity in the marketplace that is becoming bigger and bigger." Cuts in collection are more strict, minimal, with raw edges, collection is at same time plain and sophisticated.

References: Zam Barrett



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