UMASAN - "Shadow of Wisdom" A/W 2013-14 (women)

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Identically fascinated with the world of art, literature, eastern philosophy, traditional yoga and a higher consciousness was more than a good reason for identical twins Anja and Sandra Umann to create brand UMASAN in 2010. Meaning of name “UMASAN” is coming from UMA – mother of life/divine mother (the Great Goddess of Indian mythology) and SAN – is the meaning of unity and respect. UMASAN is the first and only vegan High Fashion label that satisfies the needs of the new health style generation. This avant-garde ‘feel-good’ fashion is using innovative vegan fabrics like SeaCell (seaweeds), MicroModal (beech wood) and TENCEL (eucalyptus wood) to create their products. There is no wool, cashmere, leather and fur in the collections because UMASAN promise not to use any animal products, concentrating on humane/ecological production solutions and choose fabrics through the eyes of sustainability and earth consciousness.
Shadow of Wisdom
"Once upon a time ...And the last lion roars, at the last dusty fountain, in the shadow of the forest, though she may be old and worn. They will stare unbelieving at the last black swan…"

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