Julius - [ p r i s m ; ] S/S 2015

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End of June, on Paris Fashion Week, Tatsuro Horikawa presented Julius new collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Known by his full monochromatic collections with highly futuristic touch, Mr. Horikawa always finds way to impress us even more.  This year designer set light to be the motif for S/S 2015 collection.
"The reflection of a bent light inside a polyhedron, generating an image of a single object whilst dispersing. Anatomy composed by polygon construction. Film, rubber, metallic and inorganic matter, sharp cutaneous sensation, texture."   [ p r i s m ; ]
Referring to fetishism and combining it with underground cyberpunk style, worn by army of androids... ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelt. We're sending you back to the future!

References: Eclectic-Society, Julius


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