Devoa - S/S 2016

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Continuing the story from previous collection, Devoa created Spring/Summer version of functional clothes inspired by sportswear and military style. This collection is all about functionality and wearability. Fit and everyday uniform that can be worn in various ways. Pieces are made from high quality cotton Indian and Egyptian Jersey, as well as, from special high performance Swiss Schoeller fabric ( 4-way stretch / waterproof / UV cut / Rub resistance).

Reference: Stealthprojekt

JOE CHIA - "Power Above Us All" S/S 2016 | Interview

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Malaysian avant-garde label JOE CHIA recently presented newest collection for SS 2016. Joe Chia and his team are well known name in their home country, as well as in Singapore, Japan, Indonesia... but, with their originality and quality they are becoming more known and present on the western market.
All of this is clearly evident in the latest collection named "Power Above Us All." With the new colour palette that ranges from the usual monochromatic via red, rusty brown and army green; and mixture of various natural materials, Joe Chia are telling us story influenced by different cultures, allowing a generic acceptance of all things different.

I had the chance to talk with them about the latest collection, impressions and much more.

Joe Chia - your name is pretty well known in avant-garde fashion scene in Malaysia (China, Singapore etc.). How would you represent your brand concept to the Western market/scene? What interesting facts can you tell me about yourself, your work? 
     We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to introduce our collections in Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines and not forgetting our home, Malaysia. It is definitely more than what we could ask for the past 2 years. It's also our third time introducing our concept and stories behind the season in an international trade show and we truly appreciate the advices and response that the western market have given us. We are currently selling in 17 stores in 10 different countries.
Paris Fashion Week has ended. You were part of it. How do you feel about that? What was most interesting thing that left an impression on you?
     Paris Fashion Week is always a busy period for us unconsciously, even before or after. Somehow I think everytime we touch down after a long flight, we tend to be filled with so much of inspiring energy and spirit again and we can’t wait to start with the following new season. We always appreciate meeting new people and making new friends, exchanging our experiences and cultures. It means a lot to us.

You've revealed your SS16 collection (for which I have to say that is fascinating!); tell me something about the story behind "POWER ABOVE US ALL" collection?
     POWER ABOVE US ALL its a mixture of cultures, regardless of religion or people. We all have a voice inside of us that gives us the power to pursue our desires, and the unlimited determination to accomplish them.

So far, Joe Chia is focused on menswear. Is there any chance for women's clothing line, perhaps?
     We are actually very excited to share that our womenswear collection is coming up very soon! It will be our very first time exhibiting it in Paris for the SS16 season.
When you start working on new designs, what motivates you? What inspires you?
     It's funny sometimes to tell people that we are constantly inspired by anything and everything. We constantly are conscious of the issues that are happening around us. Because in the end, it always depends your perspective on how you view things and your translation of it.  

For the end... Since your are very passionate about music, what is the most listened song on your playlist lately?
     The Acid and Pye Corner Audio is recently on my playlist. Currently it's playing Explosions in the Sky.

wings+horns x adidas Originals

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The Stan Smith highlights  the collaboration between the Canadian fashion label wings + horns and adidas, that was released on July 11th exclusively to the label, and July 18th worldwide.
Inspiration was drawn from an early 20th century military academy football teams. By combining athletic details with signature wings+horns silhouettes, this collab wouldn't be complete without an amazing footwear addition, the classic Stan Smith. The result is modern sportswear capsule collection made of finest materials. Each wings+horns x adidas Stan Smith is made from authentic Horween football leather. Apart from that, collection also includes a bomber with zip-off hood, a slim fit sweatpant, and a short-sleeve crewneck with mesh paneling.

Reference: wings+horns


Andra Handaric "Isihia – A Manifesto for the spirit"

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Andra Handaric studied Fine Arts in the University of Arts & Design Cluj Napoca and École Supérieure d'Art et Design Saint-Étienne. She graduated a BA in Fashion Design-Westminster University and completed an internship with Gareth Pugh. Since then, this Romanian designer keeps exploring and combining art and fashion. Her universe is built around a variety of archaic production techniques and values, emphasizing the contrast between clean structured cuts and rich textures.
On Feeric Fashion Days 2015, Andra Handaric presented collection "Isihia – A Manifesto for the spirit" that aims to emphasize the spiritual value that exists in a stark, monastic environment and takes inspiration from Eastern European monachal (monastic) clothing .

Reference: NJaL, Feeric

Boris Bidjan Saberi - S/S 2016

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With Boris Bidjan Saberi each new season is focus on another element. Last season focus was fire, while for S/S 2016, focus is water. Wet hair look, deep and electric blue shades in combination with black, loose 'fisherman' knits, parkas, drop crotches, lace-up boots, light weight jackets... “Subsphere” has  all the functional gear that you need. "The blue was used because the inspiration for this collection was about diving and diving suits, so the blue of the sea," explained Saberi. Although the designer is often associated with black color, it's more than interesting to observe how he interacts his traditional techniques with other colors and creating the perfect sync.

DETAJ - S/S 2016

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Unable to find his ideal jewelry, Takayoshi Yamanami started making his own while working as a buyer at the same time. In 1995 he launch Detaj. His great passion for various materials, turned into an idea for creating jewelry. Constant research of the materials and the way they act, became creative process of designing metal jewelry with the imprint of material on it; making it look very unique and realistic at the same time. Detaj goal is to find some beauty in the functionality and structure of objects.
All jewelry is handmade in Detaj workshop.

Special thanks to Takayoshi Yamanami, Hiromi Shimawaki and Yuki Takahashi
Photography by Masakado Nishibayashi  | NOISOIN

Reference: Detaj, SomeSlashThings

Nombre De Identification - "Out Of Season" 2015

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Ukrainian based avant-garde label Nombre De Identification released their debut collection entitled "Out Of Season." The design duo, Ira Butlerska and Brenovan Andrij, had their own long journey, on which they worked on improving their skills and gaining expirience needed to lauch their label, which was in late 2014. The originality of Nombre De Identification lies in usage of the unusual, previously used materials. The conceptual material, which in original state is 100% cotton, undergoes several stages of treatment and painting all applied by hand, eventually covering the fabric with a protective layer of liquid rubber.
With their great passion for uniqueness, designers are in constant search for new ideas. Aim is to design timeless pieces, which can be worn in many ways and in different occasions. Also, at the same time creating pieces that are breaking the rules of fashion.

Out Of Season
Outside Of The Box