Julius - S/S 2016


For the S/S 2016 Julius is watching you! Heavy draping and layering combined with inspiration drawn from music and "an image of a wandering tribe in the desert,” once more, Horikawa shows amazing designs.  S/S 2016 collection contains very noticeable eye motifs and ritual face paint, through which the designer presents his vision of the future. "I feel there are many different elements inside myself that contribute to the creation of a collection. I create the collection when these differing elements accumulate to such a point that they form into one exceptional vision or idea. Also, music is one of most important facets and it has always been that way. The aim is not only to create simply “clothing” but rather, to create and contribute to a person’s total life-style and existence," explains Julius designer Tatsuro Horikawa.

Reference and full collection: Julius, Fashionising


  1. Sefiroth's a good departure from the Cyberpunk phase of past _7 seasons. My only concerns are first the fit of the garments. Not because they look bad, Horikawa did an excellent job with the draping but because I feel like a lot of people are going to need to size down and/or do some alterations due to the length the clothes are shown in.

    Second concern, and this is more of a question, is this the next phase of JULIUS people can see themselves in? What I like about the the Industrial; it's was gritty, raw and gave attitude while still being practical. While the Cyber/Space phase gave us modern design with the use of geometric forms and shapes and sharp lines (especially in the tailoring and in some of the jeans). Both styles of JULIUS were ones that was easy to transition and envision yourself in. I think this aesthetic that Horikawa introduced to us, is one that not many people are going to fully embrace or if they do will choose pieces that are the "safest" to wear.

    Thanks for the post. Would like to hear your opinion on Sefiroth.

    -Davis. D

    1. For me Horikawa is one of the designers that always does things right ( apart from [ vandalism; ] that was in totally different direction). What I think of this collection is actually the he pick more nomadic/oriental way as one of the options for future fashion, and still staying true to his style. It's like trying to cover all spheres of future world. Picking pieces of the puzzle and creating one whole image of world that is inside of his head, and presenting it to us through his designs. That's why there are those 'phases' in his collections, until the point you get whole image.

      Also, I don't think that it will be much of the problem wearing all this, because it is made to twist and wrap it anyway you want. The more the better. Becoming entity. Here, we have 'loose fit' that almost seems like full body cover, an armor of future traveler in which he is able to pack all he needs... and, in this case, all you need is Julius to be complete. I think this is one of the messages Horikawa is trying to tell us. Different perspective. Spiritual futurism.

      Generally I like the collection, because of the variety of styles. It gives you freedom to wear it whichever way you want. Plus, the collection still contains some 'tight' pieces that are timeless.