Cédric Jacquemyn - "The Dead Tree Gives No Shelter" F/W 2016

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Check out the latest collection of Belgian designer Cédric Jacquemyn entitled "The Dead Tree Gives No Shelter."

photograpy — Yves De Brabander
model — Elias Cafmeyer

Photo source: Cédric Jacquemyn

A New Cross - "SABANA" A/W 2016

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The newest collection is entitled SABANA (Savanna), the place where the brand was born. Inspired by the Colombian landscape, culture and history of the people the collection is driven by the idea of transmitting this heritage through the design of the clothes and textiles.
The exploration of Colombian craftsmanship is an essential part of the development of materials for each collection: a belief in the craft of manual labor as a process full of history and identity that gives strength to the garments.

Photo by: Cesar Guerrero
Source: A New Cross

Misomber Nuan - [ From Without & Within ] A/W 2016

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" Once you feel your mind
holding your feet back,
you should already be
on the move."

Photography: Ijio Studio
Model: Henry Amouriq
Hair: Tyker
Source: Misomber Nuan

Barbara i Gongini - "Collection 7 & 24" | A/W 2016

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Check out latest collection from Barbara i Gongini, presented during Copenhagen Fashion Week.
"Collection 7&24 marks a unique connection between surface and sartorial exoskeleton. Garments are perfected as a dynamic shield, keeping the cold exterior at bay. Multifunctional, agile and rich in utility, the morph between the feminine and masculine comfortably."
A special guest during the presentation was The Royal Danish Ballet (performance by Astrid Grarup Elbo & Marcin Kupinski) interpreting "The Modular Human" installation.

Reference: Barbara i Gongini, Kaltblut-Magazine


Army Of Me - A/W 2016

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Swedish brand Army Of Me each season presents stronger and very noticeable collection. This year, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, the designer duo presented a collection for Autumn/Winter 2016 in their well-known monochrome palette with the addition of gas masks, turning their regular army into the upgraded version, from the future.

Photo credit: Army Of Me


Thamanyah - "Flow" A/W 2016 | womenswear

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Few days ago I was talking about Thamanyah menswear collection for A/W 2016... Now to fulfill the story it's time to present Ahmed Abdelrahman debut - the womenswear collection.
The Thamanyah label—which Abdelrahman has always considered unisex—debuts twelve looks specifically for women, and launched exclusively on Style.com/Arabia.
The collection, featuring wool, tweed, leather trims, cashmere and silk blends, and brass accessories with matte palladium plating, wraps, folds, protects, and caresses its wearer; recalls a love affair between a man—or woman—and her clothes.

Reference: Style.com/Arabia

DEMOBAZA - Galactic Federation, future projects, and whatnot | Interview

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In the world of fashion and futuristic style their name is well known. Bulgarian brand DEMOBAZA aims to present a spiritual warrior who walks over the dark past, and keeps going forward in search of its own natural state, in some other dimension. Because of their descent and whole point of view from another perspective, collections of DEMOBAZA always carry a powerful message.
Recently, during Paris Fashion Week, they presented the collection for Fall/Winter 2016 and I was able to steal some of their time and have a small chit chat with designers Demo and Tono.

Despite your name, a lot of people still don't know that you are originating in Bulgaria, which is completely different world comparing to the style you are presenting. How did you come up with the idea to start DEMOBAZA?
    …. DEMOBAZA is the place where the demo clothes are created. DEMOBAZA is a military base conquered by the people for creative purposes.
The idea for DEMOBAZA came naturally soon after we met each other and we start creating reconstructed and redesigned clothes.
We always love to make clothes by our hands, not ordinary construction, with no shape and patterns. Our base is the uniform,built from trashy and bad looking-made elements, the concrete, the forest and the socialistic spirit.
AND of course you can’t find any gothic in Bulgaria.

DEMOBAZA seems to be always future oriented, still, your style has evolved through the years. I will dare to say, the year 2012 was like a significant change for you. Collections became 'louder', with very strong and specific attitude... can you tell me something more about this change?
    It’s not a change, it’s just the beginning of when we decide to be more focused on what we love to do. Before that, the focus was more over photography, multimedia performance, stage design, styling, editorial and art direction…but even then we always make special costumes for our creative purposes. SS12 is our first intentional collection with its own concept and story behind.
Recently you presented collection for SS16 under the name "GALACTIC FEDERATION." What is the story behind of it? What was the main inspiration?
    The GALACTIC FEDERATION is an organization of star systems who sole purpose is to create a community that will allow light to continue to flow into our galaxy.
We are calling them to support us in this moment when everyone of us has to take this decision and his free will to choose if he wants to see the truth into the sea of illusionary in that world we live in, which give us fake water and fake food, to make us take drugs and die fast;  which also makes war for peace … we call for new technologies which will clean the planet and will purify the oceans, the sky and the nature…
I follow your work for years and I seen people reacting differently. But there is one common thing...  majority label you as cyberpunk/post-apocalyptic... what is your opinion about that? Do you actually draw the inspiration from the mentioned?
    DEMOBAZA is a project beyond fashion, that works for the creation of the next dimension. Our man is a spiritual warrior. A sky-keeper. Forest-keeper. Earth-keeper. A man who walks over the dark past of the old world or what has been left of it. The transporter of our humanity into a new dimension where happiness is a natural state of the soul. A time when all the people will wake up for their new bright vegan bio-tech future. .)
For us post apocalyptic means - Reconstruct the system, that’s the change.
We get our inspiration with express delivery from the space directly into our hearts. 

What can we expect in the future from DEMOBAZA?
    The new project, our AW16 Collection, is called SATORI.
SATORI is the moment of everyones personal spiritual experience which lead you to a natural awakening. In this collection we will step it with more white and more futuristic and minimalist shapes and graphic elements.

For the end... If you could send a message that can reach everyone in this world... what would you say?
    Follow the light inside.

Full collection you can check on DEMOBAZA official website.