Wiktor Jedraszczyk - “Villain” A/W 2015-16

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Wiktor Jedraszczyk is a progressive emerging designer with a sole focus on menswear. He studies fashion and communication in Düsseldorf. During 2013/14, the young designer worked alongside with Boris Bidjan Saberi. The product of this is the influence that got transferred on his work. With the passion for craftsmanship, Wiktor is working with monochrome palette and also, combining historical ideas with alternative solutions and details, trying to make the garments unique and modern.
The Autumn/Winter 2015 collection “Villain”, is dedicated to all unconventional outcasts. "A critical answer to an ever-growing consumerism and digitalization lined up with beautifully dystopian imagery manifest themselves within the season concept protagonist, the „Villain“. Made of oiled leather, waxed linen and heavy knits, those fabrics implies their protective function.

Model: Alek R.
Assistance: Simon Dietrich

Reference: Wiktor Jedraszczyk

11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi - A/W 2015

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11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi is a research on relief and texture contrasts, through padded volumes and a variety of techniques and finishings. The inspiration is drawn from mountain soldiers and their camouflage gear. The A/W 2015 collection contains of bomber jackets, baggy shorts and leggings, hooded vests, coats, multi-layered shirts and so on. It also made of various materials, such as: layered wool, cashmere, transparent ripstops, felted wool and flannels and reflective fabrics (on '11' sign). Color palettes is pretty amazing; black and white - fading into eachother, with a touch of rusty orange.

Reference: DeuxHommes

KOFTA - "Orb" A/W 2015

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Ukrainian brand KOFTA introduced a new A/W 2015 collection of accessories and footwear under the name "Orb." All of his collections are pretty conceptual and are not influenced by world of fashion trend. "Orb" is continuation from previous collection, following geometric shapes and futuristic touch.

"Orb is a perfect manifestation of form. It was the basis of everything.
In the beginning of time... Time began ticking after dividings spheres to billions of particles.
In the beginning of space... The smallest orbital particle that has physical properties is atom.
In the beginning of life... The smallest structural and functional unit of a live organism is cell.
One orb transforms to endlessness to be experienced."

Reference: KOFTA

Alexandre Plokhov - A/W 2015

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We all remember his latest work from 2013 and all those previous amazing menswear he created. This time, Alexandre Plokhov came back with addition of womenswear line. "It was about finding a common language between men's and women's," he explained. Pointing on term androgynous, that is like the main thing lately, Plokhov's clothes aren't unisex, he clarified. There's a lot of overlap in terms of fabrics, and the dark, moody vibe that he's specialized in since the days of his early aughts label Cloak crosses gender lines, but in most cases the silhouettes are distinctly boy or girl.
Despite fact being a menswear designer for so long, designer takes his creations on next level, creating strict sexy look on a woman, as well as tough and military for men. In this collection Plokhov created look for any occasion.

Reference: Style.com