Aleks Kurkowski - A/W 2015-16

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Born in Poland and raised in Germany, Aleks Kurkowski transfer her passion for architecture, mathematics and the love for black colour into avantgarde-design high-class menswear and womenswear. With the use of natural materials such as silk, wool, cotton, leather and linen, the designers is creating unusual pieces in various shapes and styles.
Aleks Kurkowski A/W 2015-16 collection under name "Romanticism & Reality" presents point of view of an artist - Romantic soul striving for beauty, freedom and perfection as it is found in nature, but unreachable for the mankind. On the other side, in reality, person is down to earth, seems passive but at same time changeable and the contrary to the balance of nature. It is study of human behavior and social processes.

References: Aleks Kurkowski, NJaL


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