99% IS - A/W 2014-15

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BAJOWOO - Born in 1984, in Seoul, South Korea. In year 2003 he enrolled in ESMOD, but didn't stayed there for long time. Bajowoo contined cheasing own dreams and short afterward He started creating clothing and styling South Korean punk bands on his own. Moved to Tokyo in 2008 and sign in dressmaker school in 2010. In 2012, when he was only a second year student, Bajowoo launch his brand - 99%IS.
Just few days ago he presented his collection for autmn/winter 2014-15 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Collection is full of spikes, zippers, masks, leather and of course full black and in post apocalyptic style.

References: MBTFW

DEMOBAZA - "Sun forword" A/W 2014-15 (demowoman)

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Today's post is just continuing of the one published in wednesday. Second part of collection is dedicated to Demobaza women's collection for fall/winter 2014-15. Enjoy.

Full collection: DEMOBAZA - A/W 2014-15 demowoman

DEMOBAZA - "Sun forword" A/W 2014-15

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When we mention DEMOBAZA, there is not actually much to say apart from very well known facts. Collection for A/W 2014-15 seems to be "Riddick" style - more urban, second skin alike and much more wearable than previous ones, but Demobaza still remains true to its style. Here are photos of first part of collection (demoman)... enjoy!

Full collection: Demobaza - demoman

Alice Auaa - A/W 2014-15

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One of the highlights of Tokyo Fashion Week for sure is Alice Auaa's collection for fall/winter 2014-15. Gothic and macabre, decadence, domination, black and leather, masks, stiletto boots, straps, buckles... seems like Yasutaka Funakoshi went back into early 19th century dungeons in search for the inspiration and foreplay. It is true that Alice Auaa clothing is not an everyday one, but for sure is unique and each piece is art and perfection for itself. Women that is wearing his designs are strong, independent, dominant, unique and mysterious. Well done Mr Funakoshi! Magnifique!

Photo credit: MBTFW

Gareth Pugh - A/W 2014-15

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Once more Gareth Pugh left us speechless. Designer opened the door of his factory and presented doll collection for fall/winter 2014-15. Cream, white, metallic, sterile, 3D, puffy, volume, cosy, warm, futuristic, layered and much more. According to the designer, he was being "intuitive" this season and seeing where that got him.
Materials: foil, plastic, tulle, chiffon, fur, shearling, plastic sequins, pespex, vinyl, napa leather, nylon
All in all - connect incompatible and make it look perfect. That's what Mr Pugh has done.

References: Fashionising and Vogue.it