Les Hommes - A/W 2017

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Check out the newest collection for A/W 2017 from the Belgium duo, Les Hommes, presented during Milan Fashion Week.

Images below:

OVKLAB - "I Wanna Be Your Dog" S/S 2017

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From its foundation until today, streetwear brand OVKLAB is inspired by rock & metal music and its culture. Their idea is to combining old subculture style with today's hi-street one.

"I Wanna Be Your Dog" is the name of OVKLAB Spring/Summer 2017 collection inspired by the legendary Proto-Punk band “The Stooges”, based on the band’s concise, repetitive, rugged and raw music style, and of course Iggy Pop’s intense, instigating body languages; physical, twisting, distorting, howling, primitive, raw, hermaphrodite-ish.
The collection uses vintage pieces as base silhouettes to deconstruct, and recreate with motif patterns, repeated graphics, purposely reverse fabrics and parts to portray Iggy’s performance style and body languages.


Joe Chia - "Form of Emptiness" A/W 2017

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Chapter 10, entitled "Form of Emptiness",  aims to emphasize a progressive collection which collectively comprises of experimental and relevant raiment.
With this collection, Malaysian based label, continues combining past and present of their work which reflects into the immediate future, bringing tradition into the future and crafting history into the contemporary.

Photographed by Chuan Looi
Make up by M.A.C Cosmetics
Hair by Shawn Cutler
Model Lucas Kittel, Wu Models

SONGZIO - A/W 2017

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South Korean designer Zio Song and his Seoul-based label SONGZIO presented a bit different style during London Fashion Week.

Entitled “Misanthrope”, this collection tells the story of a young man, walking the cold yet serene street on a eerie morning of an unknown city. This stern and almost ascetic young man immersed in his own high sense of beauty and life finds himself charmed and warmed by the winter lights piercing the cold mist of dawn. His heart warmed, touched and inspired, finds himself alone in the city’s false winter.

Collection for A/W 2017 presents SONGZIO’S most emblematic ‘cross look. The end result is style that is more dramatic, more sophisticated, very balanced  with, 'dark' underneath all that.

Image source: LFW

Matthew Miller - A/W 2017

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It was only a matter of time when all what happened in 2016 will manifest itself in the world of fashion. This year, during the London fashion Week, right at the start, Matthew Miller showed his opinion and attitude by presenting the collection for A/W 2017. With models crying tears of blood,with  their faces contoured with blood red paint featured, Miller's ‘project fear’, was clothing for the young generation living in an uneasy political world that has become the result of the choices made by the generation that came before it.

“We live in pessimistic times, but we can be optimistic. Last year was full of suppression; it’s a generation of fear, but We can change things as young people.”

Matthew Miller 

KTZ - A/W 2017

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Presented during London Fashion Week, KTZ left a strong impression with a newest collection. This time detail of each piece is... lacing. Lots of it. Many different styles and elements are hidden in the collection for F / W 2017. Wearable semi gothic / military / grunge collection comes in a dark color palette, choosing mainly black & olive for the base, and black /white lacing.