Sarah Ryan - "Fraterna" collection

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Sarah Ryan is a startup label of upscale unique and masterly statement pieces for ageless womenswear. She graduated with a BA (Hons) Womenswear in 2013 from Limerick School of Art & Design, Ireland. Her designs are made for striking woman, classic with an edge for risk and a penchant for rare high quality garments.
“The body itself is a most sacred garment….”
‘Corpus Fraterna’ is based on the notion of building a newly formed body from the inside out. 
"Using my two brothers, both surgeons, as its beginning, the collection investigates contour and line with particular focus on inter-connectivity and the garments relativity to one another. The fusion of muscle to bone is illustrated using adverse textiles to create a new informed silhouette in achromatic black. "
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Sisters of The Black Moon - "Embres" collection F/W 2013

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Three Witchy women returned and made big come back with their new collection for fall/winter 2013 under name "Embers". Collection is made of natural materials (cotton, viscose, wool...) and contains of  layered tops, maxi dresses, long hooded coats, crop tops,  sheer knits, trousers with vegan leather suspenders and all that in black and ash grey color. A big thumb up and go check it!

t.h.o.SH. - "[HEL] collection"

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t.h.o.SH. stands for the heART of SHANDRINA and for heart - and handmade leather accessories with unique cuts and designs. Founded 2010 by Joanna Alicja and based in Berlin and at the Baltic coast of Germany the label focuses on passionate designing and qualified handcrafting.

References: t.h.o.SH. and NJaL


Alice Auaa – "Sleeps in Water" - S/S 2014

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Alice Auaa - already very well known name of high end of Japanese gothic fashion presented new collection on Mercedes-Benz Tokyo fashion week for upcoming season of S/S 2014. In this collection designer is taking us on one dark and gloomy underwater journey and story full of romance and tragic love at same time. Get ready.

References: Women's Wear Daily


META - A/W 2013

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Not so long ago Laurent Bevis and Maxime Lorens presented their second META collection for A/W 2013.  Collection is full of drape and loose cuts in the earth shades. Oversized hoods, loose pants, asymmetric shirts, coats and cardigans and all made of finest natural materials. Also this collection, like previous, gives wearer freedom to combine and wrap pieces on it's own way and make one great urban futuristic look.

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