Dragomir Krasimirov - A/W 2012-13

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Originally from Pleven (Bulgary), he moved to Madrid, where he studied Art at "Mario Zijara" Academy. After finishing his Art Major, he started his Fashion studies at the School of "Arte y Superior de Diseño" in Valencia. In September of 2011, he went to the "Certamen de Jovenes Diseñadores (Young Designers Contest) at Valencia's Fashion week, Zone D, rising to success and obtaining a position on the official catwalk of 2012. On febreary 16th, 2012, he showed his female collection "SHELTER", receiving positive feedback by the public and the press.

References: Dragomir Krasimirov

MASNADA - F/W 2012-13

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MASNADA - women's wear label stands for dark, feminine, avant-garde that is transfering emotions through use of exclusive fabrics, realized in natural fibers in the soft-hued colours of nature. Masnada are based in Italy, but their designs are not usual look that we got used to see from side of Italian designers. With their creativity they step out of ordinary frame and created a timeless look and longevity of each garment.

References: MASNADA

Izzue - Fall 2012

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Established in 1999, IZZUE is a fashion brand, pronounced like "Issue". It is part of the Hong Kong fashion conglomerate I.T. Mixing restraint and boldness, new silhouettes combine the sophistication of couture with a rule-breaking sense of proportion, layers and volume, subtly constructured from hidden luxuries, whilst elevated by fine materials. Their aim is to create ground-breaking fashion pieces that come perfectly together with everyday wear to bring out the shine of individual charisma.

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Army Of Me - A/W 2012-13

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Daniel Wahlberg and Richard Sjöblom are names behind brand Army Of Me, founded in 2008. Their first collection was released one year later in 2009 and it was Spring/Summer one. It consisted of 8 different styles and was only produced in 20 pieces in each of them. After brand started being well known all over the world, they started doing RTW collections. Main idea of this brand was to combine east and west. Classic and avant garde. Therefore they made something different and unique. They invented Army of me.

References: Army Of Me

Vibe Johansson - A/W 2012-13

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The Danish-born, Italian-bread designer Vibe Johansson studied fashion design at the Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy followed by design technology in Copenhagen, Denmark. She presented her first official women’s collection for A/W 2008. Vibe brings an alternative angle to simple, sensual styles that question convention. Cutting right to the bone the simplicity of her designs encompass both classic minimalism and modern draping with a hint of avantgarde. Geometrical shapes  in the patternmaking combined with the best quality fabrics make for the understated elegance that Vibe adds to everyday wear.

References: Vibe Johansson

Rick Owens - Womenswear A/W 2012-13

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It all starts with background, the set that has post-apocalyptic glow. Fire. Offensive music, and colours dour. Models on stage with full covered skin and fabrics that were roughly hewn. Faces obscured with woollen cobwebs that reveal their darkened eyes and deeply glamorous scarlet lips, wraped necks, leather boots, hands and arms covered with leather gauntlets. They looked like warrior women. Refined performance that onsiderably advanced the idea that fashion should be of a power and strength that doesn’t ever resort to cliché, there was an incendiary quality to Rick Owens’s show.

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Misomber Nuan - "Forget them not" self V collection - S/S 2013-14

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Misomber Nuan started his debut collection a year prior to his graduation in 2006, presenting small collections from time to time for selected cliente through custom orders only. After a few years in his apprenticeship in textile production, he decided to focus and move into designing. In search to further his design philosophy, he spent a yearlong hiatus traveling the world in isolation from the fashion industry. It was during this time he contemplated on the human self and began distilling the pebbles of thought that would gradually form the path he would eventually embark on. In 2009 he set up his label “MISOMBER NUAN” , composed of abstracted illusive thoughts, "Misomber", an interpretation of the dismal human psyche and "Nuan", a veiled presence of the designer together craft a vision that is the reflection of emptiness and void, hidden details, mysterious veils, strong emotions and finally, the desire to connect subliminally with the audience.

Kimberly Ovitz - A/W 2012-13

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Designer Kimberly Ovitz, a native Californian, launched her self-titled label in 2009 with a vision and desire to translate her inspiration of art, architecture and nature into the world of women’s advanced contemporary fashion. Kimberly sees beauty in simplicity and the concept that less is always more. With a minimalist approach, her collections capture an effortless femininity and casual elegance that prioritize comfort and highlight the intellectual sensuality of a women. Juxtaposing light with dark, structure with drapery, and soft fabrics with rugged materials, the Kimberly Ovitz collection gives the modern woman a sophisticated, multidimensional wardrobe. 

Reference: Kimberly Ovitz

Alexandre Plokhov - A/W 2012-13

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Russian designer, Alexandre Plokhov is creator of modern menswear with mysterious and dark touch. The former designer of Cloak and Versace, He produces collections by giving them strength, story and making powerful arura around it. Plokhov is finding the balance between beautiful tailoring and edgy design, including details like zippered sleeves onto razor slim cut suits and creating hooded tailcoat jackets. Designer finds inspiration in some other gener and mixing it with modern. Therefore his collection A/W 2012-13 is dark, mysterious, and post-apocalyptic. Main inspiration for this collection He found in old goth rock music, especially inspired by band The Sisters of Mercy. Long-haired models, black eyeliner around eyes, leather, black color, slim figure, trim tailored coats and jackets... all had Plokhov’s signature.

Elena Burenina - "... not here" collection - F/W 2012-13

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Elena Burenina is young and talented fashion designer, who quickly gain popularity in the field of Ukrainian fashion industry. For her F/W 2012-13 collection Elena decided to consider the theme of the duality of nature and the hidden corners of the human soul, embodied this idea in a monochrome colour palette. Main symbol of this collection is raven on sholder of the coat, and it's giving mystical look.

References: Elena Burenina Afflante

Byungmun Seo - "Interpretation of Alter Ego in Unconsciousness" Collection - F/W 2012

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Byungmun Seo was born in Seoul and after working for menswear brand "Series" of Fnc Kolon, He moved to London where he attended London college of fashion for his Master. His collections encapsulate a measured study of patten cutting and a mixture of textures in the mood of darkness and also his work is harmoniously characterized by a poetic mentality with a juxtaposition of rough and refined silhouette to show multiple expressions of his idetity. All of his collections are produced in South Korea. 

Mads Dinesen - A/W 2012-13

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Mads is based in Berlin, Germany. He studied at University of the arts - Berlin and graduated in 2010,  and has since then been nominated for several international Designawards with his graduationcollection "Pain is felt by all...". For A/W 2012-13 collection Mads has been inspired by Louis Thomas Hardin, also known as ‘Moondog’, an American composer. As well for this collection very important is mnemonic perception of clothing, and how this communicates between individuals, between the wearer and one’s surroundings, between inner and outer self-perception.
"I do not dress as I do to attract attention – I attract attention because I dress as I do.” -Louis Thomas ”Moondog” Hardin

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