Misomber Nuan - "Forget them not" self V collection - S/S 2013-14

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Misomber Nuan started his debut collection a year prior to his graduation in 2006, presenting small collections from time to time for selected cliente through custom orders only. After a few years in his apprenticeship in textile production, he decided to focus and move into designing. In search to further his design philosophy, he spent a yearlong hiatus traveling the world in isolation from the fashion industry. It was during this time he contemplated on the human self and began distilling the pebbles of thought that would gradually form the path he would eventually embark on. In 2009 he set up his label “MISOMBER NUAN” , composed of abstracted illusive thoughts, "Misomber", an interpretation of the dismal human psyche and "Nuan", a veiled presence of the designer together craft a vision that is the reflection of emptiness and void, hidden details, mysterious veils, strong emotions and finally, the desire to connect subliminally with the audience.


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