David Andersen - S/S 2013

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David Andersen is Danish born designer that debuted with his collection "David Andersen", in 2007 to instant success, both critically and commercially. Approaching its third year, the collection is represented in 12 countries expanding abroad Europe, and entering the markets of Japan and the US. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art 2003, where he was awarded “Best Costume Designer” in 2004. Subsequently, 2004 proved to be an even broader year for recognition as he was awarded “Wedding Gown of the Year” by the Royal Court Theatre in Denmark. Andersen is making collections for both, men and women. He finds inspiration for his collection in  architecture, music and museums. For collection S/S 2013, Andersen chose black color with detours to grey and small touch of blue. And here is presentation of his upcoming collection.

References:  David Andersen Bianco

A New Cross - A/W 2012-13

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A New Cross is a Colombian brand, born in 2010 with idea of making high conceptual accessories and garments. They focus on consciousness of art-inspired fashion, the use of quality materials, as well as artisanal methods of production. They maintain a constant inspiration to underground garments as a living space, meant to protect, comfort, and project as expression that goes beyond the material.

References: A New Cross

Esther Perbandt - A/W 2012-13

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Born and grew up in West Berlin, Esther Perbandt studied at University of Fine Arts Berlin, IFM Institut Francais de la Mode Paris. And at in the beginning of 2004 she founded her own fashion label Esther Perbandt. Combination of male and female elements, combined with strength and sensitivity are one of the labels character. A symbiosis of material, colour, cuts and various motives complete the design with an individual special style. The collections were enriched with an artistic, ambitious demand and personalized contents.

References: Esther Perbandt

Limi Feu - S/S 2013

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Japanese fashion designer Limi Feu (born Limi Yamamoto) started her label back in 2000 and presented her collections on TFW from 2000 to 2007. After that Feu made debut on Paris Fashion Week in October 2007 and got good critics. Limi is the daughter of designer Yohji Yamamoto and name "feu" she took upon word in French dictionary. Fashion writers have pointed to similarities between the aesthetics of Feu and her father: they both employ dark colors, large volumes, layering, and asymmetry in their designs. They have also noted, however, that her designs are streetwise and have a rock attitude, whereas her father's designs were typically romantic. And here is presentation of her collection for S/S 2013, so you can  judge by yourself.

References: Limi Feu  Fashionising

Divka - "Pattern" A/W 2012-13

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Divka” is a design team established by two creators in 2011, based in Tokyo. They are aiming to creating modern and beautiful garments through experimentation. Divka seeks to create clothes that are unknown, even to us. In 2012, divka is selected as a finalist of Mango Fashion Award 4th Edition, and got 2011 TOKYO New Designer Grand Prix professional category.
“Pattern" – this is Divka’s collection’s theme. The word “pattern” has multiple meanings: Sewing patterns for jackets, for instance, and design patterns, not to mention people’s behavioral patterns. And Divka have focused on the fact that design patterns are created through accumulation of time. Pattern – It is a standard which, through everflowing time, has been continuously improved by people after people.

References:  Divka  Not Just a Label

Julius F/W 2012-13

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Japanese avant-garde label JULIUS led by Tatsuro Horikawa year after year develop his collections. For Fall/Winter 2012, Horihawa made huge step in making very solid collection. Somehow Julius style seems much cleaner, a lot less distressing and damaged and as many have noticed less of military influence. But still, He manage to keep the aggressive feeling in many of his garments. With this collection he has worked subtly, with long and flowing, but asymmetrical, oversized details. The use of zippers in almost all of the pieces, which is used in fabrics like matte jersey and wool, hides the manipulation of the materials and provides a worn effect on canvas and cotton. The color palette used for this collection begins with black and dark grays used in blocks, off-white and a print representing resounding images.

References: JULIUS  Fashionising.com

HIGH - A/W 2012-13

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Claire Campbell is British designer and name behind HIGH brand. HIGH aims to create contemporary classics over transient fashion, and clothing design for everyday use over occasional wear. The main idea is a great respect for tradition and craftsmanship. Campbell has aimed to create functional yet sophisticated everyday couture garments with a human touch; clothing modelled by hand, with attention to detail. She says “We use good quality ingredients to make clothes people will want to wear and use, like bespoke clothing for everyone“. Both lines, HIGH (tailored line) and HIGH USE (casual), is presenting the brand’s guiding principles of high design, high utility and high quality.

References: HIGH

Zam Barrett - Fall/Winter 2012

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Zam Barrett from NYC is a technically accomplished tailor who is drawn towards the avant garde end of the fashion spectrum with his namesake label. Barrett describes that his collections are infused with a level of symbolism and creativity that gives greater meaning and interest to the products beyond the pure utilitarian and adornment purposes of traditional garments. He explains that mission of company was to create artisanal type clothing through non-industrialized processes for a client that stood apart from the mainstream trendy and consumerist mindset of modern fashion.
References: Zam Barrett

Asger Juel Larsen - "LUCID DISORDER" collection - A/W 2012-13

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Asger Juel Larsen is a designer that marks and merits the adventurous and rule breaking reinvention of modern menswear. Hailing from Denmark but truly establishing his art in the UK, Asger graduated 'top of the class' at the London College of Fashion in 2009 with a BA Menswear Degree, Asger has since then conquered the masters at the same institution. His aesthetics have been consistently evolving during the academic time frame, illustrating ambition and flare in the imagination. And with placements alongside John Richmond and Burberry Prorsum included in the tapestry of his background, the platform and landscape for Asger's future collections is bright. His designs are an intoxicating medley of the past and future, taking inspiration from historical events and fusing it into a futuristic sci-fi sphere.
Lucid Disorder is introduced with a leather top , coats, furry soviet hats, asymmetric jackets, leather and zipper pants. Everything looks like military uniforms from sci-fi movies. Colors used in this collection are: burnt gold, rusty grey, weathered browns and black. The lucid disorder is presented as full industrial force.
References: Asger Juel Larsen

James Hock - "Harbinger" collection - A/W 2012-13

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Malaysian born James Hock graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney with a degree in accounting. He worked briefly as an auditor before making the decision to move to London where he quickly gained fame working in London’s fringe club scene for his iconic looks and impeccable sense of style. Self-taught, James enrolled in Kensington and Chelsea College to improve his technical skills. His early works attracted much attention and critical praise with his final project Sleeping with Dali (appearing on Nylon TV, was exhibited in Shoreditch House and featured in numerous editorials). His use of recycled material stems from his love of customizing clothing and his experimentation with obscure or mundane objects is set to continue. His passion for arts and crafts, also see many artisanal elements incorporated in his work and in order to control the final finish of his pieces, all artisanal finishings are done in-house.
References: James Hock

Br.UNO - A/W 2012-13

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Bruno Tedioli is name behind label Br.UNO. After more than 10 years of collaboration with famous fashion brands, Tedioli decided to launch his own line of clothing in 2009 under name Br.Uno. Main inspirations for his collections are coming from dark literature and art, horror and sci-fi movies creating an armor for individual ready to face the future.
References: Br.UNO

Paolo Errico - F/W 2012-13

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Born and raised in Genoa, Italy, Paolo Errico currently lives in Milan and works between London and Paris. He began his career working for Calvin Klein and for Versace. In 2000, he joined the Ermenegildo Zegna Group and designed Agnona collection. His next move was teaming up with the Roberto Cavalli group in 2005 to create lines from women and consult for luxury fashion brands. In 2004 he launched a fashion house under his own name and in the same year he presented his first collection in Milan. Paolo's inspiration and reference point are architecture and design. His technique involved using primordial geometric shapes and combining them with the human body to produce timeless fashion.
References: NJaL, Paolo Errico

The Viridi-anne - "Nostalgia" collection - A/W 2012-13

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Born in 1963 Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Zoukei University, Department of Fine arts majoring in Painting. Moving from the canvas to a desire for expression through garments and then establishing Caterpillar Produit in 1987. Early Developmental Women's wear being central to the collection and did a runway show in underground scene in Tokyo. Leading him of desire to make clothing for himself provided the catalyst for the establishment of The Viridi-anne in 2001.
The collection theme "Nostalgia" is coming from the nostalgic memories of designer himself.It is not a restoration of what he can realize, but more with his new ideas of what he has experience since then.The tracing of nostalgic thought is equates to figure out something which is covered by a mysterious veil so that the image photos also finished as blurred but inspirational.The blurred detailing and images with undertones heralding inspiration from the beautiful coloring in the film of the same name by Andrei Tarkovsky.
References: The Viridi-anne