The Viridi-anne - "Nostalgia" collection - A/W 2012-13

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Born in 1963 Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Zoukei University, Department of Fine arts majoring in Painting. Moving from the canvas to a desire for expression through garments and then establishing Caterpillar Produit in 1987. Early Developmental Women's wear being central to the collection and did a runway show in underground scene in Tokyo. Leading him of desire to make clothing for himself provided the catalyst for the establishment of The Viridi-anne in 2001.
The collection theme "Nostalgia" is coming from the nostalgic memories of designer himself.It is not a restoration of what he can realize, but more with his new ideas of what he has experience since then.The tracing of nostalgic thought is equates to figure out something which is covered by a mysterious veil so that the image photos also finished as blurred but inspirational.The blurred detailing and images with undertones heralding inspiration from the beautiful coloring in the film of the same name by Andrei Tarkovsky.
References: The Viridi-anne


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