James Hock - "Harbinger" collection - A/W 2012-13

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Malaysian born James Hock graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney with a degree in accounting. He worked briefly as an auditor before making the decision to move to London where he quickly gained fame working in London’s fringe club scene for his iconic looks and impeccable sense of style. Self-taught, James enrolled in Kensington and Chelsea College to improve his technical skills. His early works attracted much attention and critical praise with his final project Sleeping with Dali (appearing on Nylon TV, was exhibited in Shoreditch House and featured in numerous editorials). His use of recycled material stems from his love of customizing clothing and his experimentation with obscure or mundane objects is set to continue. His passion for arts and crafts, also see many artisanal elements incorporated in his work and in order to control the final finish of his pieces, all artisanal finishings are done in-house.
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