L by Lamin Marong - A/W 2015

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L is a Finnish-based design label founded in 2010 by Lamin Marong. In 2013 Lamin finished Master´s Programme in Fashion and Clothing design at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki.  The label designs and makes clothing specialised in jackets and accessories. Source of inspiration derive from Scandinavian environment - its architecture and minimal aesthetic, history and the stories of explorers behind ethnography, ideas of simplicity and sustainability.

"In this mysterious journey, the fiction and the fact are meant to travel together hand in hand, flag in the other hand. Flag for the mark of the conquered, untouched land. The Land inside me."

Reference: L by Lamin Marong

Minimal To - "Human Comedy" S/S 2015

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I have been wanting to make small review of this collection for a while... And today's hot day seems perfect for presentation of Minimal To collection for S/S 2015. Italian designer trio found inspiration in their native poetry and, in one of greatest names of all time - Dante Alighieri. Inspiration was drawn from Dante's Divine Comedy, swapped for present, combined with minimalist designs and shown as  'Human comedy'; portraying the individual in the world of today. Microcosm of society.

"Consider your origins: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge." 
Dante Alighieri

Full collection: Minimal To

A NEW CROSS - A/W 2015

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Columbian duo A NEW CROSS created another unisex collection. The pictures of the new unisex pieces are made more special by the female half of the duo: Vanessa wearing all the pieces effortlessly and transcending any male/female only clothing divide. The male model bringing the extra masculine edge and balance to the proceedings. Done separately, and at the same time together, they fit perfectly.


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Monochrome is a concept driven fashion label integrating visual arts with fashion design. With its signature collaborative approach, MONOCHROME develops imaginative ways of spawning distinctive visual forms and tangible formations applying geometrical and bespoke pattern cutting. The result is a uniquely tailored design unifying craft with functionality, counter-balanced with a keen eye for detail and quality. MONOCHROME creations are genderless, singular and timeless, coming from nowhere but made to wear anywhere and by anyone.

Photo credit: monochrome

UEG - "Latter days" A/W 2015

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UEG (Usa e getta / use and discard) launched in 2004 by Polish graphic designer Michal Lojewski. The brand plays on the concept of consumption by using graphic design as its main tool and also it refers to temporary nature of today's existence. Unification. Communication. Awareness.
"Taking its name from the last book of the Bible, the collection looks at the world's inevitable end - the Apocalypse. The biblical quotes taken out of the context warn of the threat that will come in an unknown hour, adding to the feeling of uncertainty and awe.
By using the apocalyptic metaphor, UEG points to the forces that devour the modern world: greed, selfishness and lust for power. Repentance here has no religious implications; it's a call for the return to universal virtues that will redirect the world back to its right path. The two prints reflect the collection's eschatological mood, with the hair symbolizing the mortal remains and the VHS tape - the debris left after the fall of technology."

Reference: UEG

MINOAR - "Unsullied" S/S 2015

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MINOAR keeps my attention from the very first moment I seen AW15 preview. When I thought it can't be any better, they came back presenting women line for SS15! And I simply fell in love with the whole concept of sterile beauty. But the story doesn't end there. It is fulfilled with menswear collection for SS 2015 named "Unsullied." Unprocessed, untouched, sharp and cold. That's what it is. MINOAR has their own way that they are following, breaking the boundaries.

"Our focus is directed in the creation of a sensory vision through alternatively built perception. Through our creations we intend to originate an external shape as a reflection of the human sensorium.”

Reference: Minoar

DEMOBAZA - "5 dimension" A/W 2015 (demowoman)

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Since Demobaza lookbook contains a lot of photo shots... today's blog post is just continuation of the previous one. This time dedicated to the woman of the future.

Photo credit + full collection: Demobaza